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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid." - Heinrich Heine


Me: "If she could be given any magical power, Katie says she would like to be able to read boys' minds."


Frigid Girl: haha
she'll only see one thing

i would like to be able to read girls' minds

then again, maybe not
i might go insane from the irrationality

crap i'm so utterly misogynistic

Me: not misandristic ah :P

Frigid Girl: no, i'm not anti male

Me: thinking women are irrational is misogynistic
thinking men are horny is not misandristic? =D

Frigid Girl: men are horny, what makes you think that's a bad thing

Me: why is women being irrational bad :P

Frigid Girl: horniness is a biologically built in thing

well technically it's not a bad thing
because women didn't use to have control

but now in the age of feminism and all that shit
they're in control AND irrational


and also misery for men involved in it

you know what really terrifies me

today i was waiting for the bus
and this girl tottered towards the bus pole looking for the busnumbers
one look into her eyes and you realise there's nothing behind the eyes
it's just this big smile and the blank eyes

i guess, ideal girl for most men

but for that one moment i saw her i was terrified
how could anyone seem so empty? or brainless for a better word

oh she was in ah lian gear, with a guy, so

Tim the Great: i feel upset when people gush about the french language

normally their french isn't good.
they think it's great to toss in phrases comme ça; there isn't any raison d'être.

and after italian, spanish and german, i can't derive any more pleasure from putting foreign words in my english un peu partout. especially if they're french words.

there was this comment about learners of french being pretentious. and another one most people make about french being pretentious. well there's a third category of people who can speak fluent french (living in france or not) who have become totally disenchanted with the damn thing.

aside: nowadays i like to go to kfc and order "un zinger, svp" in english and when they don't get it, put on my best pink panther accent and go ZINGER

it's too difficult for me to render the french pronunciation. you can give it a try. so much experience with quotes. how many ah.


you didn't watch [Iron Chef] on sundays meh?

i watched every week
that's how i can cook so well
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