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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I wake up, log in to CORS and find that the last tutorial has been reinstated. In IVLE there's an announcement that: "We are trying to reinstate the third tutorial at 2 pm friday. Check IVLE regularly!" So I have now been unscrewed, and the world is at peace again, yay.

In other news, strange things are still happening in my room. This morning at about 8 I was awoken by strange sounds. After a while I recognised them as coming from a "noise maker", a small gadget with several buttons on it that'd make funny sounds when you pressed them. Some such sounds being machine gun fire, sirens and bombs falling. Not wishing to take out the ladder before I had fully awoken, I closed the door and went to sleep in another room, but I can still hear machine gun fire sounding continuously from where I am now. The strange thing is I haven't touched the device in years.

Update: Actually it's a bouncy ball I bought in Melbourne. The way it's supposed to work is that each time it bounces on the floor, it makes one noise. Something set it off this morning, so I threw it down the rubbish chute. I hope no one thinks it's a bomb.
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