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Monday, January 15, 2007

Girls Out Loud appearance

Well, that was better than I expected. Some comments:

- I need to improve my media voice. It's still quite dull. I also need to improve my body language (eg Rolling eyes, which the editors gleefully used)
- The one-on-one interviews were conducted individually before the around-the-table discussion. If I'd known what they'd said, I'd have had more material to work with, but then again the discussion wasn't that free for all.
- Someone else was supposed to be the skeptic, but he backed out, so that's why they called me in.
- I was told to be very un-PC, but there was no point looking mean and insulting people for the sake of insulting people (ie Claiming they're liars without evidence) - "I'm a skeptic, not an asshole". Especially if I'm not paid to be, like the hosts. Hurr hurr.
- The claim that the gun test didn't work (the metal balls [meteroid fragments] were supposed to move to his stomach to protect him but they didn't) because he wasn't in real danger was really lame.
- The segment is obviously heavily edited, so not everything happened in the sequence as depicted
- Maybe one of them cursed me. I just realised the incident where I got injured after upskirting the ballerina was within a week of the filming of this segment.

- A lot of material was cut. Some of the stuff that was talked about:
* The sort of magic the 3 talked about was very vague, and so sort of a cop out. The Witch and Sorcerer talked about inter-personal magic, eg Giving people charms and oils to make people like/forgive you, improve your self-confidence etc. The witch also said she cast a spell on herself to make herself more sociable. I said if you take up Yoga, meditate or do other mundane things, you can also achieve these effects.
* I asked if the Witch kept a journal to track her spells and she said she did, and had a 80% success rate. I asked if she excused the failures by claiming that the stars were not in alignment (or something along those lines) but she claimed she didn't. Without further information, I wasn't able to judge the validity of these claims, ergo the shrugs.
* The bomoh talked about seeing ghosts.
He said it's up to you whether you want to believe. I then said that if you want to see it you'll also see it.
* I can't remember if I brought up Elvis sightings or the Monkey man monster in India

Update: The video is now on YouTube. Scroll up, or click here.
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