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Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city." - George Burns


The Eusoff Hall-StompAIDS bazaar/carnival tieup produced possibly the best bazaar I've ever visited, with both variety and quantity in the stalls. Lynn was bugging me about what StompAIDS was, so I bugged her back to ask one of the relevant people, and she found out it was a marketing competition by HPB.

They had free cotton candy one day, and free popcorn the next. Of course, these were the worst of their kind that I'd ever had, but hey they were free.

The power of hall inmates!

Unfortunately, there were some silly things in the Stompaids carnival. Firstly, the posters:

Someone: wah lau. i tot we were taught to move away from the stereotypes and address it properly

so end up its still prostitutes (the blowjob one. she has cash tucked in at the back of her panty. and tat blown guy is holding more cash) and gays again
den go on stigmatizing all hiv carriers and etc.

i dun even noe wat those posters are for.
i was horrified rather.

den i saw the gay group of guys. oh dear. kinda expected.
sick leh. its no longer a homo disease lar. wake up wake up.
who're they fooling.

homos and pros again. and check out the LIGHTING of the posters man.
purple/maroon. sleaze.

We can't really blame them, since HPB wants them to emphasise abstinence. I guess this is still a step up from abstinence-only.

Some other silly bits:

Red shows a man with 2 girls. Amber shows a man covered with a condom. And Green shows a couple holding hands. Since the man is alone in Amber, there is presumably some danger in solo masturbation with a condom.

Of course, they don't consider the possibility that your partner is unfaithful or already infected. Hurr hurr.

The point of this game is to maneuver the ring to the end of the wire without contacting the wire itself. The moral of the story is that having casual sex and staying AIDS-free is as hard as maneuvering the ring to the end of the wire without it beeping. As I pointed out, if you cover the ring with a condom, you probably can hit the wire as many times as you want.

In other news, I played some fishing game at the carnival and have a free condom to give away. Those interested can contact me. Delivery is strictly at my convenience.
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