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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Something someone sent me:

i know this blog template is so so the gay.. but IM NOT GOING TO CHANGE IT!

"ri is becoming very f*ed up now, thanks to a very complicated political system involving the 'chiefs of staff' and some higher-ranking officials.actually, no. ri is not becoming an army. i think the school is being run more like a corporation, with the ceo and the board, then the employees.

let me disclose a little-known fact - many teachers have already left ri from the time we had a new ceo running the place. these are the teachers i know so far, who have left since 2004: mr johari, gregory goh, ms justina tan, ms cheng fang, mr justin pierre, ( 2005 ) mr liu yong feng, mrs jasbir koh, mrs rosy smith, mrs lim jee nee, mr teo chor howe, ( 2006 ) mr seet, mr azhar, ms wang xiao nan, mr eric lee, ms regina. my eng teacher was supposedly forced to resign by the deputy headmistress because someone from her class saboed her by taking photos of classmates sleeping during her lesson and then he submitted them to the higher authorities. heard it was the prc scholars who did that. cb la, those stupid asses. and regina was 'well-known' for going against the system, because she felt she had to stand up against what wasn't right. too bad the firm is all too powerful.

quote from my teacher, who quoted the headmistress: ( on founder's day ) i still haven't received your letter of resignation. please give me today asap. if i'm not in the office, u can put it under my door.

the raffles programme, i tell u.no o-levels, straight to rjc. many ppl out there think that it's 7th heaven. yea we got tricked too, at one point of time. and the new students too. we were fooled, enticed by the voluptuous programme the school had to offer. and look now, we're all struggling under the new system.

less teaching, more self-learning. that's the case for physics and social studies, i suppose. the teachers can't teach at all. one doesn't know his concepts well and always confuses himself while trying to answer difficult questions and the other just keeps asking us questions without doing much of anything else.

dun forget, we have higher chi o levels. and i won't forget what the hod of chinese told us while we were reviewing our scripts: "if u can't score an a1, dun take the exam. u will be saving ri a lot of face and saving ur time and energy too"...

leadership, ri focuses a lot on this aspect. ccal camps, psl camps. opportunities of leadership come few, as said by the now-gone eric lee. it's very true, but the school isn't making any effort into maximising our fullest potential. u see, whenever there're some special courses, for example, the latest in pe dmp module, they always say only for ccal and psl. then how is the rest of the sch population goin to be educated as well when u just concentrate on this group of ppl who have already gone for numerous courses and training sessions?"

Same Someone: screwed up bcos it's pampering us. as long as we get a 2.0 gpa, we can go to rj. compared to those who take o lvls..getting to rj frm rg is rlly easy

besides the pioneerin batch isnt doing too well i heard
and not too well like most ppl are getting borderline passes for promos. 9 staybacks. and someone jumped down
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