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Friday, October 27, 2006

Frigid Girl: apparently
latest breaking news

some couple
canadian guy, prc gal
have been having sex so loudly in hall
that everyone in the block hears
the prc was yelling in a stilted eng 'don't stop!'

sheares i think

Someone: but i heard that prcs are really horny

my fren told me
that his fren saw this prc couple making love in the tv room

i mean u wanna have sex u shld be decent enough to go back to ur room
they do it in the hall's tv room

and in ntu
they'll kiss on the benches

but ireally cannot stand prc

did i tell u that
when i was in yr1
waiting for my neighbour at the engine bridge
at ard 7pm
there's this prc guy
he walked up to me and asked me to go to his hostel

it's really wtf

i was damn freaked out ­
then i quickly walk to the library

no la [not cute]
­have u seen a cute prc?

Someone else: the girl hot or not
did anyone RECORD
the moans

it'd be funny leh
we duynno who also mah
so no harm

but well, if u get the sound clip, forward to me

As PaRaDoX commented: "PRC make love damn loud", and as someone else added: "Wo3 lai2 le4!
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