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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On reflection, buying rose-variant lip gloss was not the brightest idea, since it looks like lipstick.


Someone: u bought lip gloss?
r u nuts?
that's for girls

Me: it's to prevent my lips from cracking
but I dont like the feeling on my lips

Someone: u're not supposed to get lip gloss
gloss is for girls lips to appear sexy and glossy
or whatever

lip gloss is put over lipstick
for the shiny effect

Me: that's lipstick lah

anyway what I got was the right thing

correct lah
whatever it's called

"Laelloe Lipcare

Dagelijkse intensieve verzorging en bescherming met een vleugje rose"

"Daily intensive care and protection with zest rose"

in singapore most people use the term interchangeably [with lip balm]

Someone: oh no wonder
that makes sense now]
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