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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm trying to figure out if I just had a semi-raw chicken patty.

Yesterday at the market they were selling 4 chicken burgers for 1 Euro, where 1 consists of a pre-sliced bun and a patty breaded with orange crumbs. The patty looked cooked, so I warmed up 2 bun halves and a patty in a saucepan, added some lettuce and tomatoes, topped it with a bit of mayonnaise and ate it.

However, when I bit into it, the patty was squishy - not the raw chicken sort of squishy (then again, how much raw chicken goes into patties anyway?), but a squishier sort.

I was always under the impression that breaded patties which come in pre-sliced buns are pre-cooked. Maybe it was half-cooked. I'll use the microwave next time before using the pan to crispen the coating.

I just hope I had enough restoran food in Malaysia to strengthen my digestive system.
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