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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Me: just turned on part 2 of my dual action humidifier
stage 1 is a plate of water
stage 2 is a wet towel over radiator (*** suggested)
stage 2 so mafan.

Patch: what
capillary effect
towel both in water and over radiator

humidifiers are useless things
moisturizers are the way to go

Me: ooh
you're smart
let me think of how to rig it

Patch: it's like terraforming vs space suits
if you're one person you don't terraform mars

felumpfus: tissue paper mass = 0.25 g
kimberly mass = ??? g????

i mean tthe transfer of moisture from that teensy wet towel to te air, then to your body, is v small
at most it wil increase humidity by... what, a few percent

assuming your tray holds 200 ml water, which evaporates. that is 11moles of water.
if your room is 5m x 4m x 2 m that is 40 m^3

uh. basically it's not a lot lah.

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