"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Friday, October 21, 2005


[On Eliade's affair with Dasgupta's daughter] I would love to talk more about this, I would love to show you the movie starring Hugh Grant... But we have to move on.

[On what Eliade learnt in India] The lessons he learnt - not from his affair with Dasgupta's daughter, but from India as a whole.

[On essays due in 2 weeks] I don't need to remind you that the essays are due - when? tomorrow?

[On essays] I know it's sort of given, but humour me anyway. It's fun to mention this. I would like to see an argument.

[On essay titles] Why Freud himself needs to be psychoanalysed. Something like that.

Maybe I'm naive. I have faith. Maybe I'm like John Lennon - imagining a world withou plagiarism.

Gabriel, you look very nice in pants.

Let's take a break. I'm going to read to you...

I don't want a lecture in which you're listening to me all the time. As exciting as that might sound.

Everything here is the sam. [Me: There's nothing new here.] [Student: There's nothing new here] There's nothing new here either. (same)

eview (eviews)

in this par (part)

Though you decree class size (decrease)

Under [a] 2 tailed test we must compute whether it is greater than 1.96. You remember that? [The] Mid-term is coming.

We can use this 'union' [sign] to represent 'or'. Is that okay with you?

[On a complication] So what does this mean? [Me: We're screwed lah] [Student: You sum up my feelings quite well]

So we need to learn something new... So we take a break, and after the break we learn something new.

good new (news)

[On a lecturer] My friend said he's very funny. He laughed at his own joke, then he fell off his chair.

Guess whether Williamson is Neo-classical or New Keynesian? New Keynesian? New Classical? No one thinks?... New Keynesian? *some put up hands* Why? That's the problem with putting up your hands. You can come and tell me why during my office hours later.

Doesn't do very well, is it? (does)

Each new unit of beehiver (beehives)

sub'sai'dee (subsidy)

seventy seven (thirty)

a rounce their own valuation (announce)

We don't have any restricted access [facilities]. Arts - we're like a prostitute. Everyone comes in and uses us.

backward in'daction (induction)

I want post the answer (won't)

Just don't change the odour (order)

Don't show your bubble form to your neighbor. Or I will come out with one question in your final exam about cheating... It will be very difficult.

[On religious objections to using donor mitochondrial DNA to replace the mother's damaged copy] Someone might complain that the baby has 1.5 souls.

[Professor: What might be the objection to designer babies?] Too expensive. That's the only thing I can think of.

Some of you have, as it were, been infected with memes for skeptical thinking.

If anyone is wondering, I support the idea that science is a memeplex. But as *** pointed out, science is the only memeplex whose results affect the memplex itself... In religion, new findings are only accepted if they support the theory.

[Student on man's experience of the sacred and Eliade's theory: How will he know it's sacred if he's never experienced it before?] You'll just now... Phenomenology, drugs... There's this light coming in from the window. Like, what are you on?]

Like, soccer games have lots of sacred moments. Seriously... You look at their faces when they score goals.

A sense of alienation which is akin to Mars (Marx)

I was saying that... Okay, I'm lost. [Tutor: So am I.]

Science and technology can be sacred as well. I remember when I first got my Nintendo. Wow... That's the word for today. Dialectic of sacredness. (phrase)

I don't really need to tell you to start talking among yourselves. We're having some technical difficulties, so talk amongst yourselves for a while.

If any of your friends have chosen to study overseas, which I think is a mistake, a very big mistake, because NUS is a very good university to study in, I'm sure you all agree...

Why is it Singaporeans in the SPL - is it Singapore Premier League?

[On a wink and a twitch] He starts winking at you... You think: 'He's really into me'... Another interpretation: the person could have some sort of eye problem.

Another interpretation of this twink and a witch (wink, twitch) [Ed: I think this is the first Spoonerism I've ever heard. At least in NUS.]

Geertz was very veer'ment (vehement)

[On the mid-term] I know many of you are disappointed. Don't be disappointed because many people did poorly... I was very shocked. Sample variance will be very large.

[On the lecturer] I really think he's like my ex-boyfriend.

[On delay in writing on the OHT] I got a new pen. it's good.

Which model do you want to run? There are many models. There are many menus. Menus at the restaurant.

[On advancing slides in Powerpoint] Annoying. I don't like the clicking noise.

[On 1+1=2 = 1+1+1-1=2] The most powerful skill in maths or economics - to add and subtract. I added this much, I subtracted this much - same thing.

one point two eight person't (percent)

[Me: Person't-Person't relationship] I didn't know we're taking a sociology module (percentage)
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