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Thursday, October 06, 2005

"One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory." - Rita Mae Brown

Random Playlist Song: Riku Nuottajarvi - Yehat (3DO version)


Someone on SMU: IMO theyre getting a very watered down version of management and organization theory
i read a lot of HBR/Sloan/K@W and a lot of it is fluff and ambiguous, but theres some useful stuff in there

im actually quite optimistic that SMU is on uptrend
currently its sucky
but i predict that with some reforms they can do pretty gd in 5-10

they need to reposition themselves into being hardcore on quant
what they call soft skills is secondary import
priority should be hard stuff like quant stats

i think that theyre not positioning themselves right
higher ed is very strategic
their focus on soft skills detracts from developing their core

in the end its useless to try for grad sch
so they end up making all these entry level ppl with an smu degree

i think it would be really hard to get into a good masters prog in econ, finance
or even the social sciences they claim to study
because its clearly not academically rigorous

that said its on an uptrend
if it was a stock i would buy now
and if i were at that level i might consider going

that said, im willing to do a serious study into the business model of SMU
we should make it a project of ours to document whats done right and whats lacking
then we sell it back to them as consultancy work

Heh heh.


Bunny suicides - I find these cartoons inexplicably fascinating. It's just like slowing down to view a car crash, really.

Asian Prince on Wikipedia - Naturally, I added to it.


Most attached people put pictures of their significant others as their handphone wallpapers. If they are not, girls usually put a picture of themselves with friends or of some cute thing (then again, attached girls sometimes do that). Meanwhile, male slaves put pictures of Japanese bikini models, and when they get their letter of parole they either switch to pictures of women flashing less skin and cleavage, random funny pictures ("like.. photos of... toilet bowls or sth"), the default wallpaper or something similarly simple like smiley faces.

So during one lecture, I saw this girl in front of me who'd put her own picture as the wallpaper. I remarked on that to a friend somewhat too loudly, and I think the girl in question heard me, because she looked at me funnily and then left the lecture early.

Someone tells me she knows guys who do that too, and one friend says he uses "a specially design wallpaper with myself on it", so.

Seen in the library: "Feature films in our library is (sic) strictly for use in relation to a course of study. This is a condition imposed by the Media Development Authority as our films are not censored"

I love these academic privileges. Our young and innocent 19 year old girls get to view filth that even 21 year olds (and indeed everyone else in our fair nation) are considered too immature to consume; that we, as a society, are not ready for. The flower of our youth are being corrupted by the malign influence of unwholesome foreign films.

Better send them to re-education camps in Third World countries to do hard labour, through which they will be spiritually cleansed and purged of evil thoughts. Going to rural Thailand to build toilets, for example.

Oh. They already do that sort of thing.

There's this tutorial room which I have a weekly lesson, and every week when I go in, it smells of cows.
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