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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I just viewed some pictures of someone who underwent extreme plastic surgery. The difference is really quite shocking, especially since I've some "Before" pictures.

Someone: "she looks as if she had a nose job
and her eyes r pretty fucked""

A more detailed analysis:

Someone else: her nose... is so badly done
the guy tt did it ought to have his license revoked

she may have had sth done to her cheekbones and chin
her face is elongated and sharper than it used to be
her entire face shape is changed

Me: worse than MJ?

Someone else: no one can beat mj man
but i can confirm she definitely did her nose and chin
these 2 are definite

[Addendum: There is a palpable gender divide. A majority of males prefer the old look, and a majority of females prefer the new one.

Someone (2): makes her look like a Changi Village Ah Gua]
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