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Saturday, September 04, 2004

More Search Referrals (divining the nature of humanity is enlightening indeed)

As usual I shall let most of these speak for themselves. You may comment on them if you wish.

raffles hall nus sex

saruman boob forum

consumer behaviour deodorant roll on Australia aerosol can

Proxomitron sharp nokia

use bittorrent ntu singapore - Not a very wise thing to do.

A&W Root Beer Stand Model Fold Up

hentai "deep voice" game

eric's growing paunch

"Hermione Hentai" -porn - But Hentai *is* porn (Xephyris, shut up)

Emma Watson tree naked

A&W ingredients headaches

"Neverwinter Nights" "weight gain"

HQ hental

nurse "give rectal" - I've given a rectal before. Does that count?

Female Cunt Shooting - It must be some game.

fiona xie bouncing boobs


pony girls bdsm

raffles institution guys masturbate - Why am I the first result for this on Yahoo?

toenail "ah lian"

act cute - The first result is a page analysing the USA's Patriot Act. Wth?!

"steven lim is a hunk"

singapore ah beng cheer

saf inefficient downgrade

sign up bukkake party germany audition

earlier inventions in opening durians

cursor hypnotic induction

Internet Explorer granny takes three ten inch dicks xxx - Why Internet Explorer?

singaporean apostate

Yao Ming height shoe size puberty

movie steven lim eyebrow plucker - I'll be the first to watch it.

frenulum tissue closed in a honey * * fashion

rubber penises athens opening ceremony

"Swee Shoon"

waiver for military service and self-mutilation

waffletown fried chicken - Mmm.

schoolgirl guestbook collection xxx

mass swim, nus, 2004

dawn zaogeng

weeping demon wah sound clip

"chij" "tight jeans"

sjsm blog kairen - Oddly enough, it didn't bring up his real blog.

"NUS hostels" sex

rgsyb - Interestingly enough, my old yearbooks site (intermittently down) is on the "Official blocklist of Information and Communications Technology Ministry of Thailand -- January 2004"

"uniform fetish" communist

"man playing piano""naked"

nus the sexiest leg contest

use of haram ingredients in islamic medicine

R@YGOLD MOM END SON - These people can't even spell

black leather wheel + pegs + S&M

jade-stone greenness paper

"dress like a girl" jews

"wearing gold chains" fetish porn

singapore schoolgirl zaogeng - Somehow I am the only result for this.

zlad gunther - Many people see the connection between them, I see.

malaysian sanitary vending machine franchise

singapore netball girls doing porn - I'm the 2nd for this result. Damnit.

e-mail address of people contact name chio in korea - "Hi. I'm very chio (even though as a Korean I don't use this word). Here's my email address. Please stalk me and ask me about my face job and implants."

samarkand "ali g"

what is the competitive advantages on Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise

"satan's beasts terrorists" - I see people still remember that psycho.

geraldine blog gabriel seah - Gah.

Play Game Online Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

serious neopets impact "primary school" teaching 2004

enid blyton slash fanfiction

Pope rollerblades

womens+olympics+2004+swimming+"see through"+revealing - Meanwhile: "So surely I'm not the only woman, whose sole reason for watching the Olympics is to perve on the hot European guys in speedos yeah? I mean, did you see those Greek synchronised divers who won gold?? A pair of damn fine asses. My husband had to keep mentioning - Honey close your mouth, you're drooling on the couch. Bring back nude Olympics I say."

molvanian idols - Zladko "Zlad" Vladcik will always be the man for me.

hwa chong stewardess

camp phoenix afghanistan sex OR fuck OR intercorse

rjc toilet

singapore KFC, 2353535

mexican eyebrow plucker

~clitoridectomy convent

"fashionable uniforms" school england - "Academic schools in Japan are appealing to fashion-conscious teenagers by introducing more styling uniforms. Attractive and fashionable uniforms can boost a school's enrollment."

rjc uniform fetish
vjc uniform fetish - The second came immediately after the first

+"qi gong" +"nocturnal emission"

pics of emma watson's dad

replica and display power ranger weapons

jailbait overclocking while anal

pics of women taking on long dong silver

commando missile batok

what do girls use to masterbate with - How about household items? (If you don't get the joke, never mind)

rabbi nazi "head shaved"

sexiest female shorts at Athens Olympics

horny young girls knee high socks

Redemption of Althalus personality tests - "You are David Eddings, the author of this book! All of your books are identical, yet idiots persist in buying them."

bathroom signs poems for septic tanks, no tampons

"saint philomena" bones male

compulsive-obsessive boys AND underwear

dan radcliffe's taste in girls girlfriend

fishbone diagram suicide

singapore flavoured condom ban - I'm sure Condomania sells some.

neoliberal homepage

funny things to say to girls

hentai na sic radical

Picture day by day week by week or month by month digital camera exericse or diet

bcg scar fetish

dangers of buying pirated media in malaysia - There are none.

gabriel seah and rjc - Gah.

NUS NTU SMU lousy universities

effects of sahaja bust cream

how can ENT problems and stamina be resolved by proper quran reading in arabic

njc barber blog

downloadable video of steven lim in singapore idol - I want!

schoolgirl loose socks photos


Emma Watson's Thongs

bad pop music influences to malaysian teenager nowdays

pork in candlenut gravy

kokomo hernia center

Is it Haram to Watch Hentai in Islam

data entry jobs that you can do in your home that can gurantee you $ 800 a wee - Fat hope.

"alan turing" pedophilia

recipe for fried economy bee hoon

How to get rid of Bottlers on IRC

Lesbians Cadets Sent home from Argonaut

my doctor told me to eat a banana but it makes me sick

Emma Watson's brother

famous vietnamese singers wo hen nankan

girls posting nude pictures of themselves

how did Socrates contribute to the United States - I'm the top result. Yay.

porn videos teacher student talk in class rectal thermometer - So that's what the whole rectal thermometer thing is about.

When playing the "quickie cover all", the caller must announce the letter before each number

sikh boys dressing in baggy pants

scaphism -ringtones - For some reason a search for "scaphism" always turn up ringtones. Is there a group by that name?

carabinas bdsm

roman baths launceston nude

schoolgirl unwashed pe uniform - Yahoo Auctions

how to zaogeng - "There are two main ways to zaogeng - getting upskirted and getting downbloused. For the former, merely wear a skirt (preferably short), and sit heedless of etiquette. If you wish, you may try opening your legs a little but this is to be cautioned against, since the thrill is sometimes lost on the part of the viewer if they realise that the subject is zaogeng-ing on purpose. As for the latter, just wear a loose top, and stand near others so they can peer down it. Alternatively, bend down frequently to pick items up."

lin yucheng, spanish
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