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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quote of the Post: "Design is not for philosophy - it's for life" - Issey Miyake

This is a plug for two things close to my heart: food, and conversations about food. Nonya Bong is a restaurant run by my godfather, and it serves peranakan (aka baba nyonya) food at reasonable prices. The setting is open-air, and they charge cheaper than most other peranakan eateries in Singapore (well, the competition amongst other cheap-and-good eateries in Balestier is another factor). Visit there if you have a chance. I miss peranakan food!!!

Nonya Bong Kitchen
432 Balestier Road #01-434, Public Mansion
Tel: 6251 3788
11.30am - 9pm
Closed 1st Mon of the month

Umami runs an absolutely yummy foodie blog, and her review of nonya bong is below.


I'm going to try umami's pasta ambrosia this weekend!

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