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Friday, June 25, 2004

On Tuesday, I went back to camp for what will hopefully be the last time in at least a year. Stoltenheim Reinbach went back at the same time, to do his clearance, so I was saved a few minutes walking in and got a lift out to civilisation from him.

Seeing the number of people running around, the Broncos in the parade square, and the amount of barbed wire around the vehicle sheds makes me grateful again that I got posted in during the last lull period. On the bright side, snack machines have now been installed at the company lines, machines which I would doubtless have been banned from using if I had still been stuck in that shithole.

452 SAR was having their ICT when I went back, so I saw many familiar faces, including Yiliang. Argh, I didn't know C9L2/C2L2 people were called back so readily. At least now he's their remains clerk, so one more position is filled, lowering my chances of being called back; Yes! I got posted to 452 SAR. Darn, I was hoping for the Reserve Holding List (or at least the Interim Holding List). On the bright side, CPC hasn't revocated me yet, so there is hope yet. If I am called back every year, my hair is never going to grow to its desired length (this is why you see so few Singaporean males with long hair).

Of course, the SAF is still as brainless as ever. Case in point: the signs warning that your car would be clamped if they parked in certain areas. "Penalty: Releasing fee". Duh.

Also, interestingly enough, one of the M113s that Support company uses is nicknamed "Cronus". I wonder why they didn't name all of them after the X-men - perhaps they'd run out of the more popular/prominent X-men, and didn't want to name the M113 after Shi'ar Imperial Guard members.

Finally, the HDB estate that time forgot, just up the road from Sungei Gedong, has finally been converted into what is presumably a FIBUA training area, complete with barbed wire sealing the place off. This provides a more realistic training environment that the other FIBUA village, but I'm still waiting for a 20 storey high simulated skyscraper!


I think Wang has a pHD in porno.


"your site has turned from a blog to a site of pointless links collected across the varse interweb"

So stoning at home doesn't give you much content to blog about. Ho hum. I'd rather not be so traumatised that I'd have to write more rants about the army :) I'd also rather not blog, in torturous detail, every minute detail of my life, transforming this into The dullest blog in the world, or recount publicly each instance of such events as Chinx's "get lost party" or half-day shopping trips with Sentient. Weird (if pointless) links collected across the varse interweb would be more interesting. Though I confess they can bore one to tears after a while.

A Tasmania journal should be up sometime, and some special features (eh heh).
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