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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Things to do tomorrow:

1) Screwed Up Girl's birthday party, which starts at 2pm, but I want to go at 12pm.
2) hair cut (for the 'hygiene inspection')
3) Take photos for NUS application form
4) Send phone to the Nokia Care Centre (Wheelock Place? Damn. Should have brought my warranty card when I met He Who Must Not Be Named today):

- I can't send pictures and tones by IR to other Nokia phones (apparently this might be by design)
- Some midis won't play fully
- Now the radio doesn't work and all calls are routed to loudspeaker no matter what I do

Junxiong says that in NUS, when you take an MC it has to be endorsed by their clinic. Wah lao. Just like the SAF. No wonder they have a clinic there! I was wondering why they were so nice to their students.
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