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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Piqua's library has to flesh out its own Web site

Flesh director gets the skinny directly from Net Nanny

PIQUA | For a while, there was no Flesh in the Flesh Public Library.

Library Director James Oda earlier this month attempted to access the library's new Web site - www.fleshpublic.lib.oh.us - to show it off for the library staff. After three months of work by the staff, Oda was justifiably proud of the site. Unfortunately, the library computer denied him access.

"There must be a glitch in the system," Oda said as he tried again.

Again, he was denied access. It was then that Oda realized what had happened.

"We banned ourselves," he said Thursday.

Oda said he never gave much thought to the library's name - named 70 years ago for businessman Leo Flesh, who donated the money for the library's current location. But Net Nanny, a filter the library uses on all the children's department computers, did not care much for "flesh" linked to "public."

"Growing up in Piqua, I don't think we give it much thought," Oda said. "But when I was in the service, my Mom - who worked at the library at the time - used to send care packages in these little plastic bags that said 'Flesh Public Library.' There was a whole group of Army guys who had a lot of fun with that."

Fortunately, a change in the address - www.piqua.lib.oh.us - has allowed the library to access its own site.

Well done, dumb filters. Why not get a better filter program?
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