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Sunday, January 12, 2003

One of my theories is what entering JC, or the anticipation of such, does to girls. Most amusing and intriguing. Mmm.

I wonder why double standards are so rampant. Crystal put her arm around Jane's neck, so I put mine around Andrew, and the two of them giggled and looked into a corner, and Kairen stood up and pretended to walk off.

Male footwear (for what it's worth) has come of age! There's a shop dedicated to it now - "Beetle Bug".

There was this game at Cineleisure's E-Zone. "Downhill Bikers". Ugh, it's worse than being on an exercise bike for 20 minutes. After a short game, I had a serious case of vertigo, and the stupid pedals were so hard to grip onto and kept knocking me.

Andrew plays Dance Dance Revolution much better when he has competition. The first time, when "single player" mode was selected, he lost very quickly, but when he faced Crystal, he managed to trounce her soundly. I was invited to join in, but as always, I decided that I wouldn't betray my principles and play DDR!

There were these 4 Malay girls - at least I think they were girls: 2 of them were for sure, the third was probably a girl, and we conjectured the last was one from her shrieking - playing Air Hockey at the "Hockey Stadium" table, and the 2 more female looking ones shrieked whenever they scored, or the opposing side scored. Weird. Interestingly, none of the 4 were in tudungs, nor did I see any tudungs at E-zone or at "Funkypool". I guess they're un-Islamic.

I *did* saw a tudung at Cheers mini-mart downstairs though, worn by a young pre-pubescent girl. Except that she was using a tablecloth as one! I felt so sorry for her, I almost wanted to buy her a proper one.


[On the Anglo-Chinese School Song] It's like a nursery rhyme... In days of yore oldham came and set up a farm or something.

[On a drawing at "Annex" in the Heeren] Any cool guys that is interested in a young lian, pls call or email mi asap (If there are any, are, me)

[On a shirt] There's no price tag. I assume it's free.

My mother borrowed "Everything's Eventual" by Stephen King, a collection of 14 short stories, for me last week. All of the stories are, to a different extent, disturbing. *shudder*

I was reading through my past (school)work - at least what I have in digital format, considering what (if any) to post for the perusal of all and sundry. Most of it sent shudders down my spine and caused me to feel an itching sensation on the nape of my neck.

I think I write badly - very badly - when I am forced to do something that I do not want to do.

Case study:

"Poem on Digestion

Food I am
Eaten I am
Digested I am
Destroyed up I am

In the mouth acted on I am
My starch changed to maltose
By the amylase in the saliva
Luckily, not all is taken

Into that burning, acidic place the stomach, I go.
Renin, Pepsin.
Changing my protein to peptides
And my caseinogen to casein

Past the liver I go.
Am I safe?
No! The bile spurts out to
Emulsify my fats.

Broken, I pass the pancreas.
Am I safe? Of course not.
What starch left is now maltose,
Due to the Amylase.

My fats split into fatty acids and glycerol
I see something else. Will it attack me?
No. The trypsinogen will not destroy more of me.
I am glad.

A long tube next.
The small intestine.
Maltase, lactase, sucrase.
All my sugars now glucose.

Enterokinase, Evepsin, Lipase.
My proteins and peptides now amino acids.
My remaining fats now fatty acids and glycerol.
To add insult to injury, the trypsinogen is now trysin, attacking me.

Lastly, the end?
No. I am shrivelled up.
To be like a raisin.
By the rectum.

My fate I have told.
Follow me not.
You will end up like me.
Broken, dried up, dead."

--- Some "creative" assignment for Biology done in Secondary 3 (c. End April, 1998)

*runs into a corner to hide*

I hope juwel is happy at my self-abasement. You can feel really good about yourself now!
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