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Friday, October 04, 2002

The last Games day, being a day after the Half Marathon (the 10km fun run of which most, I heard, walked since it was easier), was more mental than physical. At least, that was the intent. One game called "Mr Balloon" involved dressing Officers up primarily with Balloons. These being army guys, they started trying to turn their officers into Neolithic Fertility Symbols. One gained FF breasts, and a pert, albeit very pointed butt to boot, and his black shorts were shortened to become Hot Shorts.

After going for the focus group at NTU, I was walking around Boon Lay and Jurong Point, which is much larger, livelier and, dare I say, funkier than Lot One. Among other things, I saw women selling Porn VCDs like "Asian Fever (wth?!) - a first, in my admittedly limited experience. However, as always, the porn VCDs were scattered messily on the table, while those a shade more legal were arranged nicely. Perhaps it's an unwritten code. Jurong Point also has 2 food courts - a Halal one and a non-Halal one. Gah. There was also "Hejab Iran", a shop selling Iranian women's clothing. The shop assistant was clad in a tudung, naturally.

Restored Post

My poncho has again undergone a miraculous transformation and been transmogrified into a groundsheet! I attribute this miracle to the power of Providence (a word that, oddly enough, I've only seen used in subtitles to Chinese Gongfu movies).

In one of my more introspective moods, a thought occured to me. Franklin Delano may have promised a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, but we've a TV in (almost) every bunk. Hah!

One night at about 9pm, 3 of us were in our bunk enjoying a peaceful night when suddenly I heard someone at the door saying, "Okay or not?". Turning in the direction of the lintel, I saw our Commanding Officer. Maybe this was his way of trying to get closer to the men. Hmm.

Just tonight, the rest decided, in a fit of enthusiasm, to tromp down to the Medical Centre to do work. However, from the start it became a computer game playing session for most. Oh well.


[On why they need so many clerks] The senior specs have the education level of a stone

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