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Saturday, October 05, 2002

So I brought my mini-tower to the computer shop at Bukit Merah. While transporting it, I heard something move inside. On its arrival at the shop, said unit was opened up and Lo and Behold, the Athlon fan had dropped out. Bah.

At least I still had my mother's MOE laptop I thought, but Zapsurf (Mysingtel) was even slower than a 33.6 modem. A flash of inspiration struck, and I examined the back of the laptop and beheld a USB slot! Quickly, I hooked up my SCV modem and installed it, and for good measure I plugged my Optical Mouse in. And now I'm surfing at warp speed, and Blogger posting is no longer disabled.

Sometimes I'm so smart and ingenious I amaze even myself.

Sometimes I'm so sad I amaze even myself.
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