"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Friday, May 03, 2019

Links - 3rd May 2019 (1)

University suspends student who complained about 'Islamisation' of Britain - "A student who claimed the NHS should not be free to immigrants and lamented about the 'Islamisation' of Britain has been kicked out of his university... The University of Central Lancashire told Mr Walsh he could return to his social work studies in September if he signed a good conduct agreement and agreed to undertake a diversity training course.However the first-year student from Wigan, Lancashire, is refusing to bow down.Mr Walsh, a Ukip member, said: 'Freedom of speech is a human right and I am determined to stand by this... the Government released a document this month to protect free speech in higher education bodies"

Lecturer sacked at uni where student was banned over halal comments - "Dr Chris Hill, 63, was dismissed in July after emailing colleagues saying he believed faith should be ‘mocked and ridiculed’, adding he was legally allowed to express dislike and antipathy towards religion... ‘The university has effectively reintroduced blasphemy as a crime on campus. In my view, critical thinking about religion is an essential part of democratic and academic life.’"

Listening to Music Impairs Creativity - "The music did tend to boost the mood of the participants who heard it, but that did not translate to higher levels of creativity."

Dealing with dining apps and the discount dilemma - ""There's a big difference between yielding and promotions," she says. "Promotions can cheapen your brand, but not yielding. Singapore Airlines does yielding by having different prices on different days a week. But is it a cheap brand? No, it's not. And an empty table is the same as an empty seat on a plane. It's perishable. Once the plane takes off, you've earned $0 from it.""

There's a Really Weird Link Between Cats And Entrepreneurs - "Almost 1,500 students who tested positive for exposure to T. gondii were 1.4 times more likely to be a business major. They were also 1.7 times more likely to have an emphasis on 'management and entrepreneurship'.As for the 197 business professionals the researchers evaluated, being T. gondii positive made them 1.8 times more likely to have started their own business at some point... Other studies have noticed a correlation between infection rates and neuroticism, for example.Others have found a negative link between T. gondii and economic performance, suggesting what makes some people risk-takers could increase insecurity and low ability to trust, weakening institutions rather than helping them grow."

Mind-altering parasite spread by CATS 'may lead to schizophrenia' - "the largest study of its kind, has found having the parasite could raise the risk of developing schizophrenia by 50 per cent. Unusual links between T. gondii and mind-altering behaviour, such as risk-taking, depression and car accidents, already exist... Patients infected with T. gondii were almost 50 per cent more likely to have been diagnosed with schizophrenia than those without, results showed.The association was even stronger when accounting for 'temporality' - patients who had not already been diagnosed with schizophrenia.According to the researchers, this 'corroborates that Toxoplasma has a positive effect on the rate of schizophrenia'."

Chinese woman, 27, has had SEVENTEEN abortions in six years - "A young woman in China has been told by doctors she might never be able to have babies in the future after undergoing 17 abortions in six years... The patient, known by a pseudonym Xiao Ju, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for six years and the couple don't use contraception"

Jobless mum advises daughter to get pregnant for easy life on benefits - "Sinead Clarkson, 36, has no qualifications, has never worked and rakes in £1,200 a month from the State.She has now admitted encouraging her 19-year-old daughter Melissa to follow her shameless example and ‘work the system’ by having a baby... Her mother, who has another daughter, Amie, aged 12, said: ‘I am better off on benefits. I refuse to work for a pittance and struggle.‘I don’t have any qualifications so it is easier to claim money than persuade an employer to give me a job."

(PDF) Female Economic Dependence and the Morality of Promiscuity - "In environments in which female economic dependence on a male mate is higher, male parental investment is more essential. In such environments, therefore, both sexes should value paternity certainty more and thus object more to promiscuity (because promiscuity undermines paternity certainty). We tested this theory of anti-promiscuity morality in two studies (N = 656 and N = 4,626) using U.S. samples. In both, we examined whether opposition to promiscuity was higher among people who perceived greater female economic dependence in their social network. In Study 2, we also tested whether economic indicators of female economic dependence (e.g., female income, welfare availability) predicted anti-promiscuity morality at the state level. Results from both studies supported the proposed theory. At the individual level, perceived female economic dependence explained significant variance in anti-promiscuity morality, even after controlling for variance explained by age, sex, religiosity, political conservatism, and the anti-promiscuity views of geographical neighbors. At the state level, median female income was strongly negatively related to anti-promiscuity morality and this relationship was fully mediated by perceived female economic dependence. These results were consistent with the view that anti-promiscuity beliefs may function to promote paternity certainty in circumstances where male parental investment is particularly important."

Unfair share of trainee places is given to white boys, warns report - "Employers need to reserve places on apprenticeship schemes for young women, disabled people and ethnic minorities to create a more level playing field, the country’s equality body has said.The government has pledged to create 3 million apprenticeships in England by next year. But almost 90% of apprentices aged 16-24 are white, compared with 82% of the population.While there are similar numbers of female and male apprentices, women remain significantly under-represented in the better-paid industries... With National Apprenticeship Week starting on Monday, the Equality and Human Rights Commission says firms need to take steps to get more people from minority groups into trainee schemes, favouring them against other similarly qualified candidates if necessary."
Given that women are already over-represented in higher education...

College Forced Conservative To Advocate Liberal Causes. Now The Case Is Going To A Jury. - "William Felkner was once a graduate student at Rhode Island College (RIC), working toward a degree from the college’s School of Social Work. As part of his “policy and organizing” class, his professor required him to lobby the state legislature for progressive “social and economic justice” policies, which Felkner, a conservative libertarian, did not support. When Felkner refused to advocate for policies with which he disagreed, he was given a failing grade in the class"

Boycott Watami: The Izakaya you Might Want to Skip - "the Watami business conglomerate has been rated in the top five on the list of Black Companies in Japan since 2012. Black Companies, called ブラック企業 (black kigyou) in Japanese mean companies with unethical work and hiring practices. Companies with high instances of sexual harassment, unpaid overtime, grueling workloads, low pay, and discrimination against temp workers (among other things) are what can put a company on the literal “black” list. Japanese Black Companies are also usually hostile to unions and don’t abide by the proper laws regarding maternity leave and overtime pay.

Orwell & Goode - Posts - "Aussaults old man. Made a hero, given +$20k"
"Smiles at old man. Pilloried by media, life ruined"

Trevor Noah Is Fed Up With Wokeness: 'This S**t Is Getting Ridiculous' - "Trevor Noah thinks Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is being forced to apologize too much ― and it’s time to put a stop to it"
He can never stop being a white man, so

Kelvin Cochran’s Christian Views Cost Atlanta Fire Chief His Job - "To this point, Kelvin Cochran’s story is one that would make a university diversity officer rejoice. Born poor and black, he rose above poverty and discrimination to become not only a professional leader but also one who dedicated himself to combating the discrimination that had wounded him early in life. He was professional. He was inclusive. He was compassionate. Unfortunately for Cochran, however, he was also Christian — and that brings us to the rest of the story... The idea that an Atlanta fire chief could possibly hold to — and express — orthodox Christian beliefs kicked up a firestorm. After a flurry of meetings, Atlanta police chief George Turner called Cochran and informed him of the controversy. Four days later, Cochran was suspended without pay. His suspension letter failed to outline the charges against him and also failed to detail a single act in violation of the 21 provisions of the city’s Code of Ordinances that constitute a “cause of action” for termination... Cochran fought discrimination his entire life. Cochran was an Obama appointee in the Department of Homeland Security. Cochran made a concerted effort to include his LGBT employees. Cochran was fired."

Fired after writing anti-gay book, ex-fire chief set to receive $1.2M settlement - "Atlanta's City Council has voted to pay $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the city's former fire chief who was dismissed after he wrote a book that included anti-gay passages."

The Screen - Posts - "A recent Freedom of Information Act request to the West Midlands Police, UK, has found women are the victims in the majority of revenge porn attacks but, they are also the majority of perpetrators as well... An explanation for why women are the majority of perpetrators and victims can be found in Dr Tania Reynolds’ research. Dr Reynolds, a social psychology postdoctoral researcher at the Kinsey Institute, conducted a series of five studies to examine the gossiping techniques of women and the motivations behind them. She found gossip isn’t just a trivial part of conversations between women rather, women use it as a weapon against perceived rivals"

Testosterone from a brother in the womb can make female twins less successful, study suggests - "our findings are consistent with the idea that passive exposure to prenatal testosterone changes women’s education, labour market and fertility outcomes"

FSU research offers insight into why women gossip - "people don’t like malicious gossipers. She went on to explain that those who frame gossip as concern are given an advantage. By phrasing a nasty rumor sweetly, it still harms the perceptions of the person they’re talking about but the gossiper isn’t seen as vindictive.In this way, gossip can be used as a strategy to tarnish the reputation of another person while protecting one’s own"

US Women's Soccer Team Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit - "The women’s and men’s teams have separate collective bargaining agreements with U.S. Soccer.While the men receive higher bonuses when they play for the national team, the women have guaranteed salaries that their counterparts do not.Additional multimillion-dollar bonuses for World Cup participation are paid out by FIFA — the international governing body of soccer — not the U.S. federation. A pool of over $400 million is available for the 32-team men’s tournament, compared to only $30 million for the 24-team women’s event.The bonuses are based on the revenue each tournament pulls in. While the 2015 Women’s World Cup generated close to $73 million, the 2018 men’s tournament generated an estimated $6.1 billion in revenue. Male players actually received a smaller percentage of the revenue, 9 percent, compared to the 13 percent paid out to female players for their tournament."
Equal pay for unequal work, of course. Otherwise it's 'discrimination'
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