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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Links - 2nd May 2019 (3) ('Racism', Knife crime, Anti-Semitism etc)

Chipotle manager fired for refusing to serve a group of black customers may be rehired - "A Chipotle manager was fired from a Saint Paul, Minnesota branch after a video of her refusing to serve black customers went viral. But social media users pointed to old tweets from the man who posted the video that suggested he had a history of dining and dashing. In the video, posted to Twitter last week, the white manager is seen laughing and telling the group of men, “You gotta pay cause you never have money when you come in here.”... “They got that woman fired out of a job because they wanted to lie for retweets. i am livid,” one person tweeted in response"

St. Paul Chipotle manager says she was standing up for her employees - "Dominique Moran, the manager at the Grand Avenue Chipotle in St. Paul, said she had her team’s best interest in mind when she repeatedly refused service to the group of men Thursday night. She was surprised that Chipotle initially fired her and hasn’t decided if she will return to her job with the store... In the videos, Masud Ali, 21, says he and his friends were racially stereo­typed... Moran said that her crew members recognized two of the men from a previous night when they allegedly didn’t have money to pay for their food, something she said has happened many other times... “It was really frightening to be honest,” Moran said. “From our point of view we had five cameras on us.” She said her crew was tired of having to put up with the men and “I think the anger came out of me. I was scared and panicking. I didn’t know what to do so I called the police.”... In several other tweets, apparently posted by Ali between 2014 and 2016, he repeatedly joked about dining and dashing from Chipotle and other restaurants. Those tweets have since been deleted.In a statement Sunday, Chipotle said the company was already aware of Ali’s tweets when it decided to fire the manager."
It seems the safest thing to do is to let your employer lose money

Former Equality Commission chairman TREVOR PHILLIPS: ‘This is black children killing black children’ - "I’m the son of poor immigrants and have no doubt that, were I a teenager today, I too would be caught up in the carnage.This epidemic of knife crime has not appeared from nowhere. It has been gathering for some time, yet the warnings from me and others were ignored. Even now, the political response has been pathetic, focusing – irrelevantly, in my opinion – on police numbers... the forlorn attempts by politicians and media to ignore this truth – to avoid ‘stigmatising’ minority communities – has been counterproductive, a hand-wringing dereliction of responsibility. It might make ‘right-on’ white liberals feel better. But the price of their smugness is an ongoing bloody massacre of black children with a casualty list that seems to lengthen by the day... In areas where the gangs are primarily black or from another ethnic group, police might even be permitted to apply for exemption from race discrimination laws for a limited period. This could free their hands to act against specific targets – and few would be more pleased than minority parents who constantly worry that their children may never come home... At the same time, we need to disrupt the supply of fresh youngsters entering the cycle of death. Instead of spending yet more energy and cash on pointless campaigns against social media ‘hate crimes’, we should offer families at risk new homes outside the area."

Clownworld: UK Criminals Steal ‘Knife Amnesty’ Bin - "Criminals in the UK town of Weston-super-Mare broke into and stole the knives from a ‘knife amnesty box’ that was located on a street corner."

Thug let off 21 times for carrying a knife, and one arrested for 17 separate assaults on police - "Criminals are being spared jail despite committing dozens of offences involving violence or weapons, according to shock new figures.One dangerous offender was convicted 21 times for possession of a knife without being sent to prison. Another committed 33 assaults before being jailed for his 34th.The disturbing examples of ‘soft justice’ come amid fears that the approach is fuelling Britain’s epidemic of violence and knife crime. Last night, a senior police representative said the figures showed criminals were ‘laughing at the justice system’. Other critics predicted that the scandal would only worsen under Government plans to axe short jail sentences."
Of course it's more important to crack down on hate crimes

Germany: Stabbings and Knife Crimes at Record High - "Police reported more than 4,100 knife-related crimes in 2018, compared to around 3,800 reported during 2017 — and only 400 in 2008. Overall, during the past ten years, knife-related crimes in Germany have increased by more than 900% — from one a day to more than ten a day.
German media do not report most knife-related violence. Crimes that are reported are often dismissed as "isolated incidents" that are unrelated to mass immigration. Moreover, many crime reports, including those in police blotters, omit references to the nationalities of the perpetrators and victims — apparently to avoid inflaming anti-immigration sentiments.... Many Germans have the sense that danger lurks everywhere, but the lack of official statistics seemingly allows German authorities to pretend that the problem is imaginary"

Hundreds of police swarm Melbourne’s CBD as ethnic groups clash - "African and Pacific Islander teenage gangs went to war in Melbourne on Saturday night.Witnesses watched on in horror as hundreds of riot squad officers were forced to use capsicum spray and batons to break up a series of organised brawls across the city.One man likened the scenes to 'something out of Braveheart', claiming officers could do little but watch on as the clashing groups fought outside Flinders Street Station... Moomba Festival has been spoiled by youth gang violence for the past four years... Last year African gang violence ruined Moomba for the third year in a row, with dozens of teenagers caught on camera charging onto a tram with police in hot pursuit... Federal Liberal MP Jason Wood said police were reluctant to make arrests due to fear of criticism."

Vietnamese, Sudanese gang conflict in Melbourne - ""There will be huge conflict. We need to take action."That's the ominous warning from a masked Vietnamese teenager. He's among many in his Melbourne community who've vowed revenge on the Sudanese after a string of brazen daylight assaults at shopping strips... Social analyst David Chalke said while crime gangs had been around forever, the combination of race and cultural tensions was "far more incendiary"."

Businessman, 77, with advanced motor neurone disease takes his own life by removing oxygen mask - "However John said he did not want a change in the law in favour of assisted dying as it 'could make people vulnerable to pressure'."

Radio 4's Woman's Hour team given 'impartiality training' after rules broken in Brett Kavanaugh show - "Miss Garvey, who has led protests over the BBC's gender pay gap, was ticked off by bosses after she gave 'the impression of sympathising' with a guest who believed Mr Kavanaugh, 54, was guilty of sexual assault."

Muslim pogroms against Jews prior to Zionism - "A popular myth amongst those that describe themselves as Anti-Zionists[1] is that this conflict between Jews and Muslims only started when large scale Jewish immigration to Palestine commenced. This myth has become widely accepted in the Main Stream Media (MSM) and in academic institutions it has become almost universally accepted that Jews and Muslims lived in peace prior to 1948. As such this myth is taught as fact in schools and universities worldwide by educators who have scant regard for the truth...
Of all of these in recent (Pre Zionism )the Safed [pogrom of 1834 stands out for its savagry. This pogrom is known in Jewish history as ‘The great plunder of Safed’ and it lasted for a remarkable 33 days of uninterrupted murder, raping and pillaging of Jewish lives and property (15th June 1834 to the 17th of July) The motivation, along with greed, was clearly anti-Semitic."

'We despair': French Jews feel abandoned by government and society - "Jews in France are in “despair” and feel so abandoned by government and society that they see no future at all for their children, prominent members of the community have said... "20 per cent of all French people also believe in a Zionist plot. We have to accept the idea that today there are several sections of society ranged against the Jews. Those include many Muslims — not all Muslims — the extreme right and the extreme left.”... the judiciary was failing to grasp the gravity of the situation, pointing to a recent decision by a judge that a shooting attack on a man leaving a synagogue was not a hate crime."

We May Never Know the Motivations of the Man Who Shouted Anti-Semitic Slurs Before Trying to Kills Jews - "As if the target selection and time and day of the week of the attack weren’t enough, Abdi helpfully explained why he was doing what he was doing as he was doing it: The driver “yelled several expletives at the victims referencing their Jewish heritage,” according to an LAPD deputy chief. So, this is an open-and-shut case of someone very nearly killing Jews merely because they are Jews, right here on U.S. soil, in the middle of a major American metropolitan area. Or is it?... it seems mental illness and addiction were to blame for a series of attacks on Jewish targets and only Jewish targets. Maybe that’s because even these fairly threatening yet grindingly routizined manifestations of anti-Semitism don’t slot into an existing media or political narrative: As The New York Times noted last month, none of the anti-Semitic incidents in New York during the previous 22 months was the responsibility of anyone associated with a far right-wing group. The attack in L.A. may have been of a kind that just isn’t deemed to be important or notable at the moment. Or maybe, because it can’t be blamed on a neo-fascist extremist, it’s contours are somehow more difficult for journalists and political leaders to recognize. It’s a shame we’ll never get to find out why it happened."

Are Attacks Against Brooklyn Jews About Anti-Semitism? - "Jews are being targeted, say residents of these communities, by members of non-white ethnic groups who see Jews as symbols of gentrification in their neighborhoods.“It’s less of an anti-Semitic thing than they needed a target to respond to this word: gentrification,” said Mendel Turner, 28, a salesman at the Borsalino hat store on Kingston Avenue... Public school children frequently yell “Heil Hitler!” into the front gate of her kids’ school, she said... while the attacks are targeting Jews, it may be because black people identify Judaism as “a form of almost hyper-whiteness"
And this comes from the Forward, a Jewish magazine

New York Times Focuses on ‘Gentrification’ as Cause of Antisemitic Attacks - "if it is really “gentrification” that young African-American men are upset by, why don’t they beat up the gentrifiers, that is, the wealthier new arrivals to these neighborhoods, the hipsters or the yuppies, rather than Orthodox Jews who have been there for a long time?In addition, these neighborhoods — Williambsburg and Crown Heights, in particular — have been gentrifying for decades. Yet, though there was a progrom in Crown Heights in 1991, the current outbreak of antisemitic violence seems relatively sudden and recent... It’s possible that the Times attention to the topic is an example of something I noticed back in February 2017 under the headline, “Trump’s Big Achievement: Making The New York Times Care About Antisemitism.” I wrote then, “Of all the possible consequences of a Trump presidency that have been warned about or hoped for, a heightened attention by New York Times editors to antisemitism probably falls in the category of unexpectedly positive developments (though here, too, to the extent that it inaccurately depicts Jews primarily as victims, we may want to be careful what we wish for).”It’s possible too that the outbreak of antisemitism (or the attention to it) is a result not of Trump but of Democratic Party politicians, such as Ilhan Omar, a Democratic representative from Minnesota who is from Somalia. She openly advocates a boycott of Israel and has said American political support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins,” a reference to $100 bills.Maybe the violence has something to do with the bail reform that went into effect in New York on January 1. That is a possibility that the Times explored in a different article but makes no mention of in this one.Perhaps the hate is being spread from local mosques, of which there are several.And if “gentrification” is the cause of the tension, one wonders, too, why the Hispanics aren’t attacking, as they did in the early 1990s? Or, for that matter, why aren’t the Orthodox Jews, who also face gentrification, attacking random people on the streets?Usually when a neighborhood gentrifies the consequence is less street crime, not more.Ascribing motives or causation for antisemitism, which is essentially irrational, is always a risky endeavor. But I myself was priced out of a Brooklyn neighborhood a few years ago, and it never occurred to me to beat anyone up over it, least of all a visibly Orthodox Jew."
Maybe gentrification explains why there're quite a few reports of anti-Asian attacks in Vancouver, but (almost) none in Toronto

Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism - "The labeling of Jews as “white” and debates on how to “treat Jews,” as if Jews are packages in a supermarket is a form of dehumanizing rhetoric designed to force Jewish people into a binary of “white/non-white” that is currently trendy in US discussions. The new toxic discussion taking place primarily in the United States is designed to label Jews as “white supremacists.”... Rebecca Vilkomerson tweeted about it on December 24.“We white Jews especially need to recognize that centering out own status as victims here is a power move, as well as a way to avoid self-reflection on our relative status in a white supremacist world”... It is particularly interesting, given the history of antisemitism, how Jews are now considered not only recipients of white privilege, due to their often passing as white, but are seen as emblematic of whiteness and a part of white supremacy... How can this be, only 70 years after the Holocaust that the people genocided for being non-white and non-European are now called white supremacists? It is part of a carefully managed agenda in the United States to not permit Jews to be part of discussions about “people of color” or racism. The reason for this is that hatred of Jews has always been about creating an all-encompassing other that is dehumanized and then defining that as “the Jews.”... Today in the US where the popular view in some left-leaning circles is that being “white” is a kind of slander, Jews are “white Jews.”The term “white Jews” is anti-Jewish because no other group is subjected to this same slur of forcibly shoehorning them into a false whiteness. For instance, Muslims, of which there are almost two billion, are not called “white Muslims.”... The only minority group in America told that it cannot discuss its suffering, and that it is “white.”"
Power relations!
Sadly the author does not realise that identity politics should just be put in the dustbin

Why is the story of the Jewish refugees so little known? - "Even where there is awareness of the mass expulsion of Jews from Arab lands, they are not generally seen as victims: their plight was apparently successfully resolved. In the fashionable “hierarchy of oppression” of marginalized groups, Jews rank well down the list."

Anti-Semitism row at University of Essex as students vote AGAINST starting a Jewish Society - "Hundreds of students at the University of Essex have voted against setting up a Jewish society on the campus, while a lecturer voiced his opposition on Facebook claiming it was a group for 'Zionists'.More than 200 student union members - around a third of those polled - answered 'no' to the question 'Should there be a Jewish society?'... Dr Ali also expressed opposition to the idea of a Jewish society on a Facebook post on the University of Essex Freshers' Page 2018-2019.The original post said that Israel plans to 'expel 36,000 Palestinians from the Negev', and Dr Ali commented that 'the Zionists next want to create a society here at our university!' It is not the first time Dr Ali has shared questionable and controversial material on Facebook, including one post that appeared to deny the Holocaust... There are already several religious societies currently ratified by the university's student's union - including those for Christianity and Islam."
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