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Monday, April 29, 2019

Links - 29th April 2019 (2)

Alison Saunders banned from professional dealings with CPS amid fears of a conflict of interest - "The former director of public prosecutions has been barred from professional dealings with her former colleagues after a propriety watchdog warned that the firm she has joined appeared to have marketed her "network of contacts"... The move comes after she became the first former director of public prosecutions not to receive a damehood or knighthood after her tenure was marked by a series of scandals.Mrs Saunders, 58, faced heavy criticism for presiding over several rape cases that collapsed as a result of the prosecution failing to disclose evidence.Last year two men who said their lives were ruined by false rape allegations insisted that Mrs Saunders should not be honoured after presiding over a "convictions at any cost culture""
Apparently feminism welcomes conflicts of interest - maybe just to help women

Men becoming 'increasing victims' of coercive control, legal experts claim - "Increasing numbers of men are becoming victims of coercive control relationships as their partners threaten to restrict access to children, legal experts claim... more than half of respondents (53 per cent) reported having experienced some kind of bullying or controlling behaviour at the hands of their partner. This was the exact same percentage of female respondents who said they had been in this kind of relationship... the trend of women “using” the child as leverage to threaten their partner into staying in the relationship is “100 per cent quite common”... amongst those who said they had experienced bullying or abusive behaviour, nearly half of men (48 per cent) said they did nothing about it - significantly higher than the figure for women (33 per cent).In contrast, women were much more likely to say they had ended the relationship (37 per cent) compared with only 16 per cent of men experiencing issues."

Titania McGrath: 'Queen of woke Twitter culture' sheds his online mask - "“The majority of people are desperate for this culture to be mocked. The account has become so popular because people are sick of feeling that they can’t say what they want. It used to be the case that if someone spoke out of turn, you would say that’s a bit much, apologise and everyone would move on. Now you post a screenshot on Twitter and try to get someone fired... The satirical account has become so popular that it landed Mr Doyle a book deal. ‘Woke: A Guide to Social Justice’ is published tomorrow and has received so many pre-orders that it is already in the top 100 books on Amazon. Named after Titania, the queen of the fairies, in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mr Doyle drew on his academic thesis when setting up the parody Twitter account.“She is named after the queen of the fairies because I think all of this ‘woke culture’ is an utter fantasy world,” he said. “The people who promote this hyper inclusive culture are fantasists... the social media ban is what helped his fictional character become so popular, adding: “What really kicked it off though was when it was banned by Twitter."

Vegans say scheme to give free milk to new mothers is discriminatory - "Vegans have accused the NHS of “discrimination” because its scheme giving free milk to new mothers does not include soya or almond variants."
Maybe the solution will be to give milk to no one

Vegans accused of killing piglets by accident after storming farm to cuddle them - "A farmer has accused vegans of crushing two piglets to death after causing a stampede during their efforts to cuddle the newborn pigs.200 vegans from the group "Meat the Victims" stormed a farm in Lincolnshire in order to protest against pork."

Lecturer who tweeted he was fed-up of marking essays about 'oppression of women' leaves role - "A university lecturer has left his role after tweeting he was fed-up of marking essays about "patriarchy and oppression of women" as he attacked students with "smug little minds"... "It's unlikely that most of the students at our universities who are so keen to snitch on their classmates and lecturers for wrongthink, wrongspeak or wrongtweet have heard of the Stasi or the Securitate."That's a pity, because a brief acquaintance with those two institutions of modern totalitarianism may, just a smidgin, introduce a spark of self-awareness into their smug little minds.""

Sporty women are likely to have more sexual partners - "one in five men British men over 50 and one in 12 women in the same age group have slept with 10 or more people.And the study found that among women, those who took part in regular exercise were more likely to have more partners. Overall, women who were vigorously active at least once a week were found to be 73 per cent more likely to have at least 10 partners compared with those who were less active... gay men and women were more likely to have higher numbers of sexual partners, compared with straight participants."

Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps - "Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’’s crown prince, on Friday defended China’s use of concentration camps for Muslims, saying it was Beijing’s “right”."China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremisation work for its national security,” Prince Mohammed, who has been in China signing multi-million trade deals much to the annoyance of his Western allies, was quoted as saying on Chinese state television."

Cheshire Police found guilty of discrimination after rejecting white heterosexual man for job - "A police force has been found guilty of discrimination after it refused to give a potential recruit a job because he was a white heterosexual man.Cheshire Police are believed to be the first organisation in the UK to be found guilty of using positive action to discriminate by deciding to shun 25-year-old Matthew Furlong in 2017.The force rejected him while in the midst of a diversity drive after a report found in 2015 it was one of only four constabularies to have no black officers... Cheshire Police were found to have used positive action to discriminate against Mr Furlong on the grounds of sexual orientation, race and gender... "Had he not been such an exceptional candidate he may not even have suspected anything was wrong and this unlawful and unacceptable selection process may have been allowed to continue... The force's claim it had seen 127 candidates who were equally suitable for the role of police constable was a "fallacy", the tribunal concluded... Cheshire Police was among a number of forces criticised in 2015 for having no black officers, but has since taken steps to improve opportunities for those with protected characteristics relating to BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) gender, sexual orientation and disability.Its efforts have resulted in a number of national awards and recognition including being chosen to host the National Black Police Associations Conference in 2017."
They can just rewrite the law to allow discrimination to help "minorities"

Lesbians more likely to be overweight as experts find sexuality is linked to health - "Lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to be overweight than heterosexual women, research has shown for the first time, as experts said sexual identity should now be viewed as a health risk factor... For women, being gay increased the odds of them being overweight by 41 per cent, an increased overall risk of 14 per cent. It means that you would expect an extra eight gay women of an unhealthy size in every 100 compared to heterosexual women (65% compared with 57%).Bisexual women were 24 per cent more likely to be overweight or obese, however for men the opposite was the case, with gay men at three times the risk of being underweight... Researchers are unclear what is driving the increased risk, but say that gay people are more likely to experience social stress and live less healthy lifestyles."
Strange how "social stress" and "less healthy lifestyles" manifests differently not just in gay men and queer women, but lesbians and bisexual women

British police force says it may allow female officers to wear burkas as part of uniform - "West Midlands Police said it has “no barriers” relating to the burka as they announced that they would discuss allowing the traditional Islamic dress to become part of a policewoman’s uniform. Chief Constable David Thompson said he would look into employing officers who wear the burka if the issue arose, as the force tries to increase the percentage of black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent.The move was last night criticised by MPs, including David Davies, who worked as a police officer in London for nine years and told the Telegraph he is “horrified” by the suggestion. The hijab - which does not cover the face - has been approved as uniform by the Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland, but it is believed West Midlands is the first force to consider allowing officers to wear full-face burkas or niqabs... The move was later rebuked by the Muslim Association of Britain, who said wearing a burka would “restrict duties”."

Fire service changes entrance test so it's deliberately harder for white men - "One of the county’s biggest fire services has been accused of discrimination after it emerged white men have to score higher in its recruitment tests than anyone else.West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service wants 60% of new recruits to be women, and 35% to be from black and minority ethnic groups by 2021.In a bid to reach the target, they have altered the pass rates to make it easier for people from those groups to get through the test. Women and men from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups only have to score 60% on verbal and numerical tests – where as white men have to score 70%... ‘I have never heard of discrimination on such an industrial scale in the public sector.‘It’s not fair on the members of the community who rightly expect the best people for the job being selected to serve on the front line. ‘It’s difficult to swallow knowing people have not been able to achieve their dream careers because they are too white or too male... The source claims as part of the drive, the brigade has ‘intentionally’ not posted general adverts on job boards, in favour of women-targeted Facebook adverts. He added: ‘There is intentionally no general adverts anywhere like job boards of the brigades own social media, in order to minimise white men applying."
This puts paid to the lie that diversity is good because you're widening the talent pool

'Men like me with small penises suffer from low self-esteem – so why is there now an emoji to bully us?' - "the sign, which has been approved as part of Unicode Consortium's latest batch of emojis, could easily denote the term "so close" (a football not crossing the goal line by a matter of inches, for example); and it bears resemblance to the Italian hand gesture for "perfect". But to me, it is obvious that people will use the sign to mock men who have a small penis. And the Internet seems to agree"
Of course feminists were cheering the new emoji and happy to have a new way to mock men

Cafe owner turns down job applicant because 'British people have a poor work ethic' - "A Hove cafe owner has faced criticism after admitting he turned down a job applicant because "British people have a poor work ethic"... He said that the "very poorest type of employee is a British one, full stop"... The cafe owner sent a series of messages to Miss Atkins, including one where he championed one staff member who hadn't had a day off in three years because that was normal for "thin, healthy people who don't eat bacon"."
Some types of discrimination are apparently okay

'I would rather die at sea than go back to France'
Apparently France is a warzone that migrants need to escape from. So the whole population of France should be eligible to seek asylum in the UK or Sweden

Advertisers now portray men the way they portrayed women in the 1950s: as either dumb or pretty - "gratifyingly, 50 per cent of men don’t even pay attention to this guff... Complaining about sexist ads is still an obsession that keeps many feminists busy. In particular, many are eager to instantly shut down ads that “fat shame” women, even at a time when women’s obesity has been hailed as “the biggest threat to women’s health” by England's chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies. In England in 2013, 56.4 per cent of women aged 34-44 and 62 per cent of women aged 45-54 were classified as overweight or obese. Is it mere coincidence that, as ads go soft on women, their waistlines are expanding? If so, it would echo what GP contacts tell me: that they are often prevented from having tough chats with obese patients, particularly women, for fear of upsetting them, with the net result the problem is exacerbated... in this new ad landscape – touch-feely for women, tough love for men – curiously, it appears women could be the real losers. Men not only aspire to look better, but the better they look, the more likely they are to be prized by others – especially if he’s made to feel like a loser at home, where his partner is eating éclairs."

Universities launch drive to recruit more white males as low numbers give them 'minority group' status - "Universities are setting targets to recruit more white male students after low numbers meant they are now classed a “minority group”.Essex and Aston Universities have become Britain’s first non-elite institutions to write the target into their official recruitment plans, putting white males on a par with Black students and women engineers.White British students are in a minority at roughly one in ten institutions, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.Meanwhile on certain courses such as pharmacy, business and some science degrees, more than seven in 10 students is from an ethnic minority... Previous research has indicated that university staff have a mixed reaction to schemes aimed specifically at white boys in case it leads to accusations of racism."
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