"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Links - 6th December 2017 (2)

SJWs Attack Kotaku Writer For Interviewing TotalBiscuit - "Anita Sarkeesian led a social media lynch-mob of textual ravagers against Kotaku writer, Laura Kate Dale. The reason? Dale interviewed popular YouTuber John “TotalBiscuit” Bain... This isn’t the first time Anita Sarkeesian has used her platform to incite harassment. She recently did the same toward Sargon of Akkad during this past year’s VidCon event at the end of June."

Kotaku Apologizes To SJWs Who Harassed Their Writer - "Even without proof of harasment, #GamerGate was labeled as a harassment campaign by the media, despite the fact both the FBI and a peer reviewed report from WAM! couldn’t find evidence of #GamerGate being a harassment campaign... "Kotaku UK successfully revealed that their concern about harassment only goes as far as until their own journalists are harassed. And then they instead of standing up to them, they kneel, beg and plead for mercy and forgiveness""

How A German City Found An Absolutely Genius Way Of Handling Neo-Nazis - "in 2014, sponsors agreed to donate money for each step marched by the neo-Nazis, with the cash going to programs that fight Nazis"
Why can't antifa do this instead of beating people up?

Azerbaijan releases election results… before the polls even open

'Calling out' the Holocaust is the logical end point of the Left's perverse victimhood Olympics - "In response to a proposal that students’ unions should help organise events for Holocaust Memorial Day every year, one speaker said marking the Holocaust is not “inclusive”... Student bureaucrats seem to have an issue with Jews. Not only did conference delegates clap the rubbishing of Holocaust commemoration — they also elected as their new president one Malia Bouattia, who has bemoaned the West’s “Zionist-led media” and thinks the British government of being beholden to a “Zionist and neo-con lobby”. So the NUS is now led by someone who uses language reminiscent of one of the ugliest conspiracy theories"

Anti-Trump activist 'executed his Republican neighbor' - "Clayton Carter allegedly shot George Jennings, both 51, twice in the head outside his home in Pennsylvania in the early hours of August 8."

Making Sense of Robert E. Lee - "During the postbellum century, when Americans North and South decided to embrace R. E. Lee as a national as well as a Southern hero, he was generally described as antislavery. This assumption rests not on any public position he took but on a passage in an 1856 letter to his wife. The passage begins: “In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages”... One thing that clearly drove him was devotion to his home state. “If Virginia stands by the old Union,” Lee told a friend, “so will I. But if she secedes (though I do not believe in secession as a constitutional right, nor that there is sufficient cause for revolution), then I will follow my native State with my sword, and, if need be, with my life.” The North took secession as an act of aggression, to be countered accordingly. When Lincoln called on the loyal states for troops to invade the South, Southerners could see the issue as defense not of slavery but of homeland”
If you want to virtue signal, it doesn't matter if the person whose statue you want to tear down was actually on "your" side

Missouri Democratic state senator says she hopes Trump is assassinated - "A Democratic state senator in Missouri is facing resignation calls for posting on Facebook Thursday that she hopes President Trump is assassinated. “I hope Trump is assassinated!” state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal wrote"

Fighting Nazis doesn’t make ‘antifa’ the good guys - "The greatest Nazi-killer of the 20th century was Josef Stalin. He also killed millions of his own people and terrorized, oppressed, enslaved or brutalized tens of millions more... There’s a natural tendency to think that when people, or movements, hate each other, it must be because they’re opposites. This assumption overlooks the fact that many — indeed, most — of the great conflicts and hatreds in human history are derived from what Sigmund Freud called the “narcissism of minor differences”... whenever the Communists had a chance to seize power, they did. Often, the first people they killed, jailed or exiled were former allies. That’s what happened in Eastern Europe, Cuba and other places of Communist success. This history is relevant today because of the depressingly idiotic argument about whether it’s OK to equate “antifa” — left-wing radicals — with the neo-Nazi and white supremacist rabble that recently descended on Charlottesville, Va... Fine, antifa isn’t as bad as the KKK. Who cares? Since when is being less bad than the Klan a major moral accomplishment?"

FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks - "Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as “antifa” had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence”... Those reports appear to bolster Trump’s insistence that extremists on the left bore some blame for the clashes in Charlottesville and represent a “problem” nationally... antifa counter-protesters initiated attacks in two previous clashes in Charlottesville, according to the law enforcement reports and interviews... By the spring of 2016, the anarchist groups had become so aggressive, including making armed attacks on individuals and small groups of perceived enemies, that federal officials launched a global investigation with the help of the U.S. intelligence community, according to the DHS and FBI assessment... Some of the antifa activists have gone overseas to train and fight with fellow anarchist organizations, including two Turkey-based groups fighting the Islamic State"

Photographers: Beware Violent Antifa Protestors - "this group of black clad masked protesters assaulted several photographers at the event. I personally witnessed photographers having their cameras stolen and smashed and damaged... To react violently towards photographers, destroy people’s property, and assault people physically is wrong. To me, these people seemed like a mob of bullies who delighted in violence and just wanted to crack skulls. I think these people over-reacted to the photographers at the event and think more people need to come out and condemn this sort of violent behavior... It is sad that in a progressive place like Berkeley, no less, that photographers should have to encounter such hatefulness and violence at an anti-hate rally"
Some people like to claim that antifa are like Allied soldiers in World War II. Ironically the soldiers weren't exactly saints either

Pelosi Statement Condemning Antifa Violence in Berkeley - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi - "Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts. The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted"

Thomas Hawk - Note to photographers, best to keep your distance... - "Note to photographers, best to keep your distance from the black block, antifa, anarchists, whatever you want to call them at protests. The only violence I saw at today's Berkeley rally was aimed at photographers"

Frank Somerville KTVU - Posts - "I experienced hate first hand today.
It came from these people dressed in all black at a protest in Berkeley.
Ironically they were all chanting about NO hate.
Some had shields and gloves.
Some had helmets.
Some had gas masks...
They were yelling at me and their words were filled with venom, anger, hate and intolerance...
M wife told me I'm going to get crucified by posting this. I told her I didn't care. This is what happened. This is what I saw. This is what I experienced. This is the truth. Period. If people dont want to hear the truth thats not my problem. I have No agenda. Im just saying that this is what happened to me today, think about it. And make your own decision. And for those of you trying to defend these people... don't take my word for... go to a rally... watch them... stand next to them... and then let me know if you still disagree with me...
What's so interesting to me about all of this is that I actually went there becausee I wanted to see if I could talk to a white supremacist... i was wondering what it would be like to be standing next to someone hates... instead I experienced hate by finding finding myself standing next to extremists on the left..."
Hate is Love
Amusingly all the top comments not by OP are all defending antifa still, blaming OP, or claiming that the violent ones are false flags. Just like a comment I saw somewhere that said the violent anti-Nazi was preferable to the peaceful Nazi

OOPS: 'Antifa' Protesters Vandalized Peace Monument They Thought Was a Confederate Statue - "Antifa protesters marched on Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia this week, bent on destroying the "Confederate monument" they said was encouraging racism in their community. But it was only after they'd vandalized and spray-painted the statue that they realized it was a "peace monument" designed to encourage national healing in the wake of the Civil War... The statue, which depicts an angel guiding a Confederate soldier to lay down his arms, was erected in 1911, well after the Civil War, and a part of an organized effort in Atlanta to encourage peace and healing in the wake of a bloody and destructive era in the state's history... a member of the group did try to warn the masked vigilantes that the statue wasn't what they thought it was, but that person's statement was met with a chorus of "boos and catcalls.""

Confederate Statues Removed while Racist Progressive Statues Remain - "Should we ask that Ruth Bader Ginsburg resign from the Supreme Court? Even with the benefit of 21st-century moral sensitivity, Ginsburg still managed to echo Sanger in a racist reference to abortion (“growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of”). Why did we ever mint a Susan B. Anthony dollar? The progressive suffragist once said, “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman.”"

Western museums try to forge deal with west Africa to return the Benin bronzes - "it is part of world art history and you do not want to take away African antiquity from somewhere like the museums in Paris or London, because that leaves Africa without its proper record of antiquity... Outrage back home in the UK was fuelled when a group of officers dispatched to see the Oba on the orders of the governor of Britain’s west African Niger Coast Protectorate were ambushed and killed. Two months later 1,200 British troops and protectorate forces led by Sir Harry Rawson were sent to the kingdom, where they destroyed Benin City and looted thousands of works of art and other treasures."

Terror is a problem political leaders imported into Europe - "there is no faster way to be thrown out of what remains of polite society than suggesting that the immigration and the terrorism may be linked. Yet the link is obvious. For sure there are those who over-egg the point. The Stockholm attacker from April was a recent arrival in that country. As were the axe-wielding train ­attacker last northern summer in Wurzburg, Germany, and the suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, that same month. But then the Paris attackers from November 2015 included people born and brought up in France and Belgium. So while some of the terrorists may have just arrived, others were born in Europe. This fact is not quite as soothing as the proponents of weak borders and mass immigration would like it to be. For if Europe is doing such a bad job of integrating people who are already here, then who but a madman would seek to propel immigration from Muslim countries to such a historic high? The question goes unanswered because in Europe’s immigration debate it is still very rarely asked... Intermittently the truth about our future slips out. It happened when London mayor Sadiq Khan suggested terror is now just a fact of life in living in a city like London. It happened when former French prime minister Manuel Valls declared after the Nice attack that his countrymen “must learn to live with terrorism”. Such people may be right, of course. But the European publics are right to look at their leaders from recent decades and now the dead and maimed regularly on our streets and recognise that this is a problem our politicians imported: a problem they gave us that we did not ask for."

You Are More Likely to Be Killed By Your Furniture Than by White Supremacists - "you are far more likely to be killed by furniture, lightning strikes, and even your own toddler. So these types of things need to be “put in perspective.” “Spreading fear,” should not be our priority- it is dangerous. We mustn’t create an “us vs. them” narrative when it comes to Trump supporters. Because the backlash could be nasty against Trump supporters, and many innocent Trump supporters could be killed. Anyway, Trump supporters face discrimination from a lot of “privileged” people every day, and we should keep that in mind. We have to keep calm and carry on. #JeSuisCharlottesville. Love will trump hate. Build bridges, not walls. And never forget that in any case, you are more likely to be killed by your furniture... Mr. Obama famously stated that the 2009 Fort Hood Jihadist attack was merely an instance of "workplace violence"... Trump was treated far differently from Obama. He has been criticized to no end for his initial blunder in stating that violence was emanating from “many sides.” Articles have been written urging white people to action. Another article claimed that “nice white people” benefit from white supremacy. And some have gone even further, as one can see in the Tweet below from Pop singer Lorde. Just imagine if "white" were replaced with "Muslim." The backlash would be untenable. It would be useful to think about why the reflexive reaction against white supremacy has been so much more powerful than it ever is against Islamist terror"

Trump Is More In Touch Than You Think - "Of Latinos, 65 percent believe the statues should remain... The only categories who approve of the alt-right in double digits are Latinos (13 percent) and 18-to-29 year olds (10 percent). Six percent of Latinos approve of the KKK... On Antifa, five times as many people oppose it (24 percent) as back it (five percent), but the overwhelming majority of Americans (71 percent) are either unsure or have no opinion... The news media have been seriously distorting public reaction to Trump’s handling of Charlottesville. Whether this is a matter of only seeing what they want to see, or a matter of the talking heads being concentrated among coastal elites of both parties, is a matter of conjecture. True, a slight majority of Americans think Trump didn’t go far enough, but judging from the coverage and commentary, you would have thought at Charlottesville, Trump met his Waterloo. It didn’t happen. Charlottesville is not nearly a big a deal to Americans as it is to the media and coastal elites... Continuing to attack Confederate statues is a big loser for Democrats and liberals. A strong majority of Americans favors keeping them standing. Only liberals want to see them go. When even 44 percent of African-Americans favor leaving the statues alone, the take-them-down faction of the Left has a serious echo chamber problem.
This is likely to cause them to seriously overreach. If Democrats and liberals only pay attention to the media and to each other on the statue debate, they are going to alienate a lot of people. The hostile media environment has made it very difficult for anybody to speak up for keeping the statues, even though that is a majority opinion in America. So people will keep that opinion to themselves... Americans have no trouble condemning white supremacists and the far right, while at the same time supporting the statues"

Should Washington and Jefferson monuments come down? - "President Donald Trump's argument that the removal of Confederate statues is a slippery slope to changing history has recharged the perennial debate about America's tormented racial legacy. "So this week it's Robert E Lee," he said on Tuesday of the rebel general's monument that was a flashpoint for last Saturday's violent rally in Virginia. "I wonder, is it George Washington next week?" he asked journalists at Trump Tower. "And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?"...
"Racism is a chromosome in the DNA of the United States," Professor Ellis added. "It's like cancer. It ain't never gonna be cured"... Take Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator and Civil War leader who destroyed the South's slavocracy. He is immortalised in another neo-classical shrine on the National Mall. But as Hofstra University history professor Alan Singer points out, the nation's 16th president espoused racist opinions as his political soul evolved. He is quoted as saying to applause at a debate at Charleston, Illinois, during an 1858 Senate election campaign: "There is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality." The Republican leader is also recorded as having tried to persuade a black delegation in 1862 that African-Americans should self-deport and colonise somewhere like Central America, arguing that it would be "extremely selfish" if they refused... President Lyndon Baines Johnson is lionised as the signer of the 1964 Civil Rights Act - one of the greatest legislative accomplishments of any US administration - which outlawed discrimination. However, LBJ is also known to have frequently tossed racial slurs around the cloakrooms of the US Senate, according to his biographer Robert Caro. Johnson nicknamed an earlier iteration of the landmark act for which he is known as "the n***** bill"."
Racism will never be cured, just like the Revolution will never be safe and needs to be protected
More evidence that Abraham Lincoln was a racist bigot!

Statue of first Catholic Supreme Court justice removed because he wrote Dred Scott decision - "Taney was personally against slavery - calling it “a blot on our national character” - and had freed his own slaves early in his life. Taney also was pro-Unionist, and continued to serve on the Supreme Court during the Civil War... The statue was removed two days after Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered the removal of four monuments from her city under the cover of night, including another statue of Taney."
First they came for the Confederate flag...

Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next | Afua Hirsch - "One of the obstacles all these abolitionists had to overcome was the influence of Nelson, who was what you would now call, without hesitation, a white supremacist. While many around him were denouncing slavery, Nelson was vigorously defending it. Britain’s best known naval hero – so idealised that after his death in 1805 he was compared to no less than “the God who made him” – used his seat in the House of Lords and his position of huge influence to perpetuate the tyranny, serial rape and exploitation organised by West Indian planters, some of whom he counted among his closest friends."
The slippery slope is real

NYC Peter Stuyvesant statue latest memorial in statue war - "After Mayor Bill DeBlasio said he would erase all 'symbols of hate' in the city a Jewish activist group is calling for the removal of the Peter Stuyvesant statue in Manhattan and all traces of the Dutch governor and director general of the colony of New Netherland, which would later be named New York by the English"
As a comment I saw mentioned, of course great people in the past were flawed by today's standards - that's why we call it progress (to say nothing of how even today's people don't measure up to today's standards)
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