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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Balfour Declaration: 100 years on

BBC Radio 4 - Best of Today, The Balfour Declaration: 100 years on

"They need to understand why we don't have coexistence with the Palestinians and the reason is very clear - when someone is willing to live with me and is willing to have a very clear sense that this is the Jewish homeland it's very easy to leave peacefully with us. They will have future just like my children, they will have the ability to enjoy from a democratic state.

Think about it - in the Palestinian Authority they never have elections, they deny the basic idea of democracy. They deny the basic idea of human rights. Think about the Gaza Strip - this is a place where there is no Israeli occupation whatsoever. No Israeli settlement, no Israeli forces and you still see a terror organization that is taking control after the Palestinian choose this terror organization...

You need to ask yourself whether the fact that the Palestinian children are miserable is not because of their own leadership... In order to have the ability to have a democratic state with full rights you need to build your society that it will be based on those ideas. Those are values that a Palestinian society at the moment unfortunately is not respecting. When they're sending young children - my children are not raised on the idea that they need to kill Arabs, this is something I am shocked from, they have schools and squares in the cities that are named after those people

'As you know there are many children who don't believe that and many schools that don't teach it'...

'You need to be worried about the next generation. You know something I'm really concerned about the next generation in the Palestinian Authority. It doesn't seem like you are shocked from the idea that young children are being raised on this legacy of terrorism. This is horrible'...

'Let's talk about, about the Palestinians' own responsibility about, about Palestinian actions that have been seen particularly since the Oslo accords which you mentioned were signed. The Palestinian Authority was set up in nineteen ninety three. Between nineteen ninety four and two thousand and five hundreds of Israelis died in attacks that were carried out by Palestinians and the numbers only came down after Israel built its security barrier or wall. What that means is that the basic premise of Oslo, the exchange of land for peace was never honored and Palestinian violence is part of that'

'I'm really shocked at your question because you have negated the fact that thousands of Palestinians have died at the hands of the Israelis and that this apartheid world is a political statement and it's not for security reasons'...

'I'm asking you to acknowledge the deaths of Israelis because of Palestinian attacks'

'We have also to expect acknowledgment of the Israelis for the death of thousands and not hundreds of Palestinians. I don't think this is a fair statement. For us to acknowledge the death of hundreds of Israelis who are occupiers, who have been you know uprooting us from our land'

'They were civilians. They were civilians, there were children on those buses'...

'We have the right to resist because we have the inalienable right for self determination'

'But listening to you it it seems to me that the chances of peace, the chances of a process that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state is further away than ever'

'No. My position as a Palestinian ambassador is to promote the two state solution. I personally have always believed that political accommodation and negotiation is the only way out of this quagmire. I believe that no military solution will be ever a solution. I believe that convulsive violence breeds more violence. We have done our share as Palestinians in order to promote peace'"

Apparently it's not worrying that many Palestinian children are being raised to be terrorists, because 'many' aren't

Apparently defending yourself against terrorism is a bad thing

Apparently you can promote violent 'resistance' as 'political accommodation and negotiation'
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