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Monday, November 06, 2017

Transgenders in the US Military

Thomas Wictor on Twitter:"(1) The ban on transgenders in the military. @realDonaldTrump made the only decision possible. Why?"

"(2) The answer is that transgendered people have become political props used by angry leftists attempting to destroy everything they oppose.
(3) I was a music journalist in Hollywood for ten years. The people who despised transgendered individuals the most? Leftists.
(4) From early 2009 to early 2017, the US armed forces were steadily eroded by social engineering.
(5) The rank and file of the armed forces were required to attend endless "sensitivity" seminars on how to handle transgendered people.
(6) What does that tell you? If transgendered people must receive special treatment on bases, how can they engage in combat?
(7) Look at this tweet.
(8) Takei is TELLING you that this is a political issue. "Allies"? Does you know what "cis" means?
(9) A straight person is a heterosexual. A "cisgendered" person is someone whose PERSONAL gender corresponds with their birth sex.
(10) There are straight people, gay men, lesbians, cismales, cisfemales, transmales, transfemales...
(11) Every category besides straight is populated by people who are used as props in an endless political fight.
(12) The US armed forces was required to pay for gender reassignment surgery.
(13) This tells you all you need to know. It's a POLITICAL issue.
(14) It's one thing if a transgender person wants to serve. But why should the MILITARY pay to essentially MAKE transgender people?
(15) The answer is that the military HAD TO BE BROUGHT TO HEEL. This was about FORCING COMPLIANCE to an ideology.
(16) Personally, I believe that the vast majority of gay people are born. Some choose to be gay, but it's a tiny percentage.
(17) Integrating gay people into the armed forces wasn't a problem BECAUSE THEY WERE ALREADY THERE.
(18) And everybody knew it. The transgender issue was completely different.
(19) Talk to people who served in 2016. They'll tell you that they spent a huge amount of time in sensitivity training seminars.
(20) The goal was to change societal values. A society choose which values it accepts. It's an organic process.
(21) The issue of transgenders in the military was about rendering the US armed forces LESS EFFECTIVE.
(22) Transgendered people were callously used as tools.
(23) The president made his decision based on advice from THOSE WHO RUN THE MILITARY.
(24) Does the military tell @DebraMessing how to run her career?
(25) Celebrities are OUTRAGED! But do they know anything about war fighting?
(27) Tell me, Hollywood: What's happening in that video? List the weapons and tactics.
(28) Hollywood, what's an MH-60L DAP? If you can't tell me without looking it up, your opinions are worthless.
(29) Here's a DAP.
(30) THIS IS NOT A MOVIE. Real people fight and kill and are killed. Lives are saved and taken.
(31) The president put a stop to the endless politicizing of our armed forces. And to transgender people, I say this:
(32) The president's decision was about practicality, not "bigotry." You will survive not being required to kill at close quarters.
(33) It's VERY likely that secret, savage wars lie ahead in the near future. Our armed forces have to focus on fighting, not politics.
(34) This decision was not PERSONAL. Therefore, try not to personalize it."
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