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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jesus Cures Diabetes

A combination of so many types of woo I lost track:

From: D.C.Christian Coalition
Subject: Diabetes Breakthrough

"Bible Scholars unearth lost teachings of Jesus. Now, experts believe this discovery could forever change the way we fight disease. See the discovery here.

The trillion-dollar pharma industry is WORRIED SICK over this discovery

Theyd thought they were safe

And that folks like us had forgotten about these secret teachings of Jesus

To be honest, they were mostly right

But that was before a renowned biblical scholar rediscovered what are probably Jesuss most important teachings

Teachings that show us how to combat virtually any disease

And do it without the use of drugs, medications, or expensive procedures.

Click here to see the Lords specific disease-fighting instructions now.

That link takes you to a short presentation by the scholar

And tells you everything you need to keep yourself and your loved ones in good health for decades to come.

Check out the presentation now before these corporate medicine cartels get it taken down.

God Bless,

Aaron Curtis

Biblical Freedom Institute"
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