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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Conversations - 21st July 2016

A: I ask my Punjab friend why he married a Chinese girl

He said in simple terms, Indian girls aren't worth the trouble to tier 1 Indian dudes

B: too much drama?

A: Yep and persecution mentality

Also a lot of them are super banged and are looking for a dude to settle down with before they completely check out in looks

There are a lot of tier 3 and 4 Indian dudes, but those Indian girls don't want them.

Sangy herself dated a Chinese dude

Must be some crazy shit- dating a Indian race baiter- if you piss her off she will just drop the racism hammer on your head and sic local SJWs on you

Anyway tier 1 Indian dudes can easily outgame the average Chinese dude here

C: Tier 1 vs tier 3-4 scrubs mah

A: Gives lie to sangy's assertion being chinky is absolute powah

But we all already knew that

Someone: Marriage is about giving in for some things so you can earn brownie points to get away with other things
For guys at least

Me: Hurr. Then for women?

Someone: Well. It's about not driving your man so nuts that he decides to leave?

A: The more datapoints I collect the more I am forced to conclude that a homophobic possibly repressed homosexual fundamentalist megachurch pastor is more tolerant than many of the Pink Dot acolytes.

Me: Well we know sjws aren't tolerant

B: I think it's important to separate the actual lgbt folk from many of the SJWs pushing for their cause

Me: Most lgbts don't care about this shit. They just want a quiet life
And Singapore gives them that

A: Yep

Singapore has the most vibrant and lucrative LGBT scene in the region

Gay publications constantly point out Singapore as a good place to get action

The activism isn't really about allowing LGBT folk to practice

Anyway in Lawrence Khong's case there is lots of speculation he is closeted- in any case comparisons of him and westboro fail- he regularly employs LGBT folk for his events and prominent members of his church (Sam Willows) support pink dot openly.

I wonder how that works.

Me: Practice? Practise sodomy ah

A: Yah lor

Me: Ahem

Someone: The minds of Trans and cis people are different! Stop being a bigot and demand they be like you!

The brains of gay and straight people are different. It's not a choice stop asking people not to be gay!

The brains of men and women are different? You sexist mysoggykneest!

It's only different when it suits social justice

Me: Everything is 100% determined by socialisation. Except sexual preference which is innate and cannot be changed. If you think it can be changed you're a bigot.
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