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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Failure of Palestinian/Arab Leadership

"Shared this before and am going to share this again, here's a cold, hard look at the I-P Conflict that just lays the facts out on the table.

Anybody who wants to pass any statement on the issue best acquaint themselves with these first:

Under the terms of the 1948 and 1979 agreements, the Arab refugees are to be resettled. The reasons this has not happened are:

1) The many Arab refugees who tried to make homes in Jordan and Lebanon were forever denied citizenship and expelled after Arafat tried using them as a power base to overthrow the governments of those countries.

If he had not done this, today the Arab refugees would be living normal lives. Instead, during Black September and the Lebanese Civil War, not 2,000, but tens and hundreds of thousands of Arabs (respectively) were murdered by other Arabs. Because the fundamental reason for hostility to Israel is antisemitism, the far greater death toll of Muslims murdered by other Muslims is not controversial.

2) Arafat and his successors have and continue to turn down offers of a Palestinian state - in 1948, 1973, 1979, 2000, 2004, 2008, etc.

In 2000, the Arabs were offered a state consisting of 95% of what they asked, plus compensation and international aid amounting to $30 billion, enough to fully develop the territories many times over. Arafat instead walked away from the table and went back to terrorism. The reason for this was, according to Clinton and others present, the stipulation that any agreement had to result in an end to the conflict. Because Arafat was a career terrorist and not a politician, a wealthy Egyptian and not a refugee, he preferred war to peace.

3) Egypt keeps the Rafeh Crossing shut, primarily for two reasons. First, they want no part of Hamas' self-destructive terrorism, and second, as a dictatorship, the Egyptian leadership is unprepared to handle the political consequences of ending the conflict with Israel.

Those are the facts, not rhetoric or accusations or what have you, just facts, the cold hard numbers, historical and political background, of what is going on over there...

Palestinian leaders have historically laid on the tin foil thick as a means of getting political capital to keep their people in line and focused on blaming everything on the Joos instead of their own inaptitude.

But in doing so they also created a monster that they must constantly feed or else they would lose legitimacy. Hamas for example started the 2014 rocketderp after more radical groups started shooting because to not do so was to give out a picture that they were less anti-Israel than the rest.

The recent knife attacks have less to do with Israeli occupation and more to do with a particular piece of tin foil that has taken a life of it's own- namely the idea that Israel intends to demolish Muslim sites on the Temple Mount and build their some Zionist stuff there, didn't help that Abbas went to egg people on the "defend" the Temple Mount.

Palestinian govt. helpless to stop the knife attacks? They sparked it off basically. More Palestinians will die because they believe they are fighting to prevent some tin foil from happening.

Live by the derp, die by the derp."
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