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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Contempt in which "Allies" are held by "Minorities"

Note: This was excerpted from Links - 21st April 2016 in order to classify it under the label "sangeetha"

Chinese people writing articles about Chinese... - Sangeetha Thanapal - "Chinese people writing articles about Chinese privilege: your self-flagellation, and consequently expected adulation for simply pronouncing that you have Chinese privilege does not make you an ally. Stop annoying me and using the frameworks and terminology I created to show off what a 'good' Chinese person you are, without doing anything to actually threaten or dismantle this Chinese supremacist system."

"Allies" are probably held in secret (or not-so-secret) contempt by the "minorities" they champion. Indeed the very term "ally" indicates that never the twain shall meet

Does pouring out hatred against Chinese people on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr count as doing something to threaten or dismantle a "Chinese supremacist system"?

Addendum: Is her friend Adeline Koh "doing anything to actually threaten or dismantle this Chinese supremacist system"?
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