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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Observations - 14th April 2016

"sometimes though there is a tyranny of the minority like enforced racial quotas for awards or positions.

I have seen OCS selection pull out pple and add in minorities to fulfill ethnic quota

I have seen award recipients pulled out and add in a minority for the sake of ethnic quota

Its always as far as possible CMIW"

[Ed: W = women]

"We call that the progressive stack.
In the west it's white people.
In Singapore it's Chinese.
No matter how dangerous Islamism is, it's still nothing compared to the privilege that chinese folks have, in their minds."

If Muslim women being forced to wear veils means veils should be banned, Chinese women being forced to have abortions means abortions should be banned

Why is it okay to devalue shallow people but not people who look bad (the naive conception of free will aside, the latter can always use makeup and dress better)?

If a woman goes for a sex change operation is that female genital mutilation?

"The modern internet driven authoritarianism seems to start popping up around 2010, 2011, Tumblr went up I think in 09. Don't think it's a coincidence."

"prudential international women's day event yesterday..the advice from one of the successful women speakers there to the rest was to be less emotional and think like a man."

"Femsplaining everything could be why some women fail- you can never improve yourself if you keep blaming your failings on men"

"A former Russian engineer at work told me that anyone from a totalitarian regime will know what international women's day is. He then proceeded to tell me about it's origin in neo-marxist communism and it suddenly did not seem as appealing"

Wondering how many happy for Madonna to mock Catholicism on stage would cry bloody murder if a performer made fun of gays

If the world doesn't owe you a living, what about a "living wage"?

"one of the reasons women spend more hours on housework is because they are anal, not because they are actually doing anything the house really needs."

"what's the word for someone who discriminates against people based on whether they are rich or poor?"

"3/4 of Tutsis are lactose tolerant, while only 1/3 of the Hutus can digest lactose. This would suggest there is an aspect to their tribal divisions that preceded European colonization."

Colour is a social construct (just like race), but if I go to the shop and ask for a red dress they'll probably know what I mean

Not showing solidarity with Paris solely because Beirut etc are ignored: like refusing to help some orphans because you can't help the rest

"Nazis aren't wrong, Jews own a large amount of the financial sector. The people who gassed Jews were a small minority. You don't know enough about Nazis"
Addendum: Most Nazis were peaceful

"*** is working in NZ
he has a Thai colleague who doesn't show up for work much
one day the HOD called him in and said "***, we've received some complaints about your behavior"
He replied, "Are you racist?"
the HOD backed off and till this day, there is a member of staff who doesn't show up fpr work"
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