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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Links - 16th April 2016

Teaching children fundamental British values is act of 'cultural supremacism' - Telegraph - "Teaching children fundamental British values is an act of "cultural supremacism", teachers have said, as members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) vote to replace the concept with one that includes "international rights". A legal duty on teachers to promote so-called British values was passed two years ago after the "Trojan Horse" controversy. However, teachers argue "fundamental British values" set an "inherent cultural supremacism, particularly in the context of multicultural schools and the wider picture of migration". The motion, which was passed at the NUT's annual conference in Brighton, also calls for a campaign to promote "policies that welcome migrants and refugees into Britain" and called on members to "gather and collate materials on migrants and refugees" to be used in schools... Their motion was met with fierce criticism. Chris McGovern of the Campaign for Real Education, said: "Teachers should not be playing the role of fifth columnists in the ideological war currently being fought over our national identity and our national sovereignty. "Teaching children that British values are part of “cultural supremacism” will, at best, make them feel guilty about being British and, at worst, radicalise them in order to ‘make up’ for the sins of their fathers. "If one wishes to destroy a nation and build a ‘brave new world’ you begin by indoctrinating and brainwashing the children. This process of ‘re-education' has started some years ago in our schools and we are, now, seeing its consequences in the suppression of free speech on our university campuses.""
Direct quote from conference agenda: "The use of the term “fundamental British values” within the Teachers’ Standards document, which sets an inherent cultural supremacism, particularly in the context of multicultural schools and the wider picture of migration."
"promote own culture = cultural supremacist
promote minority culture = cultural appropriation
like, ffs can't these people make up their minds"

San Francisco State investigating confrontation over man's dreadlocks - ""You're saying that I can't have a hair style because of your culture? Why?" the man said. "Because it's my culture," she said. The man tells her that dreadlocks were part of Egyptian culture and asks her, "Are you Egyptian? Nah, man, you're not." She asked him if he was Egyptian, and he told her no. "Wait, where's Egypt?" she asked. "Tell me." He responded: "You know what, girl ... you have no right to tell me what I cannot wear." In the video, the man tried to walk away, but the woman stopped him, continuing to ask where Egypt was. When he tried to go around her and go up a nearby set of stairs, the woman grabbed his arm, trying to stop him. "Yo, girl, stop touching me right now," he said. "I don't need your disrespect.""
Anti-racism means harassing white people

Your view across the ocean isn't what you think it is - "if you're living on the east coast of the US, you're more likely to be looking out over South America or Africa than Europe - despite how it looks on a regular map. Vancouver Island locals? You're probably gazing at Antarctica. And if you live in a town called St Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada, you might assume you're looking across to Greenland and Iceland, but you're actually staring at a very, very distant Australia. Those of us in Sydney are bypassing New Zealand altogether and staring across to the US's west coast"

NADEL: Gendering issues reflected in language - "Although I don’t fully understand why inanimate objects need to be gendered, it is not as bothersome to me as using the masculine form to refer to a group of females and males. When referring to a group of children, Spanish speakers say “chicos,” which literally translates to “a group of boys.” The word “padre” means “father,” while “padres” means “parents.” If there is one male in a group of all females, “ellas,” (them, female) is changed to “ellos,” (them, male). In all of these cases, it seems like a matter of not wanting to threaten men’s masculinity. I studied Spanish for several years at home and never noticed these peculiarities. While I’m actively forced to speak Spanish here, I’m much more cognizant of my word choice. Spanish pronouns, objects and nouns do not seem to consider gender inclusivity and neutrality, and like many others, I consider this a feminist and LGBT issue."
"the assumption is that, either way, language -and language use– affects thought. Cultural Marxism at its worst, especially when we are told that the author is the only one who is able to tell what people believe from what they say. Even if it is denied by the speaker. Even philosophy of language can be interrupted by SJW ideology. I don't know about you, but every time I sit on 'une chaise', I'm intentionally acting out a visual metaphor of the patriarchy."

Yasser Arafat's widow says her marriage was 'a big mistake'

Israel calls Palestinian knife attacks 'a new kind of terrorism' - "A survey released Monday by the respected pollsters at the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah found that two-thirds of Palestinians support the knife attacks. More than half of those surveyed support armed struggle against Israel and want their leader, Abbas, to resign from office."

'Vegetarian Gene' Linked To Colon Cancer - "People from countries with a history of eating plant-based diets have a genetic mutation which leaves them vulnerable to high inflammation. The gene helps those who do not eat meat or fish to create additional fatty acids which are essential to the body. But the side effect is that they react badly in the presence of cheap cooking oils such as sunflower oil, overloading the body with omega-6 compounds. Scientists say this then blocks a series of internal processes that can result in dangerously high inflammation, colon cancer, and heart problems. Professor Tom Brenna, from Cornell University, said that the advent of cheap cooking oils had meant the useful gene is now more of a hindrance than a help, causing the body to take up too much arachidonic acid - which causes the inflammation."

Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs’s Reality Distortion Field - Bloomberg - "Very often, in writing this book, different people would tell me different versions of the same tale. It was like Rashomon. It even happened with Steve himself. He would tell me the same story three or four times, and each time it would be a little different. Nobody was lying or spinning. It’s just that Steve had such a strong force field that it seemed to almost distort the perceptions around him.

'As hard as it gets': the case of anorexic E and the right to die - "E is a bright 32-year-old woman suffering from anorexia nervosa, alcoholism and unstable personality disorder. Between 4 and 11, unbeknown to her parents, she was sexually abused. By age 15, she was admitted to a specialist treatment unit for her eating disorder. In 2006, after dropping out of medical school, she was hospitalised again and spent much of the next six years in placements for eating and alcohol problems. In July and October 2011, E signed advance decisions refusing resuscitation or any life-prolonging medical treatment. In March, she was detained under theMental Health Act but refused tube feeding. Since then, she has ingested no calories. In the last two years, her Body Mass Index (BMI) has fluctuated between 11 and 12, representing an increased risk of sudden cardiac death. E describes her life as "pure torment". Although she knows death will follow, she pleads for an end to treatment and the respect of her wishes. In early April, the medical team, E, and her parents agreed that all treatment options had been exhausted and, on 20 April 2012, she was placed on a palliative "end of life" pathway.There are two practical options for E's clinicians: let her die, or forcibly treat her by restraining her physically or chemically. The latter process, which Dr Glover describes as a traumatic re-enactment of her childhood abuse, could last years. With prolonged, aggressive treatment, doctors estimate the likelihood of recovery at 20%."
If children can be euthanised, why must anorexics be force-fed?

Naked Kim Kardashian And The Meaning Of Feminism In A Post-Instagram World - "I do think people assume that beauty is easy and that there’s somehow no labor involved for people who make money off of being beautiful. I mean, this is a woman who wears corsets to work out. Beyond the work it takes to maintain her physique, Kim’s life is made up of fittings and contract meetings and red carpet appearances — and if those sound fun, imagine doing them surrounded by Giuliana Rancics and Ryan Seacrests all day every day with no end in sight.That’s labor. If you forced me to do the labor that Kim Kardashian undertakes every day, I’d move to the gulag... Not until women can get on equal financial footing can we truly fuck up the system and force men to become our mute, subservient beekeepers"
If "there is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy woman", isn't treating beauty as a non-virtue unlike something like intelligence or workkplace success arbitrary?

If Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie makes her a feminist, Zoo magazine was The Female Eunuch - Telegraph - " I couldn’t have been more relieved. In my early twenties, you see, I worked for a lads’ magazine called Zoo. Every issue was full of pictures of voluptuous young women, not unlike Kim Kardashian, wearing few or no clothes, not unlike Kim Kardashian. And from time to time, I have to admit, there were moments when I began to wonder whether what we were doing might be a tiny bit sexist. Rather a lot of feminists, as I recall, appeared to share this view quite strongly. Yet now, after all these years, Kim has put my mind at rest. We weren’t being sexist at all. The opposite, in fact. We were empowering women. We were giving them a platform to empower themselves. We were encouraging empowerment for girls and women, all over the world. Sadly, a couple of months ago Zoo folded. Men weren’t buying it any more. I expect they just couldn’t handle its radical feminist dialectic"

Piers Morgan declares feminism is dead after Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski's nude selfie - "The TV personality also backed the theory that Kim and Emily were stripping down to get attention, not to empower women. When a Twitter user opined: 'They're just using feminism and female empowerment as an excuse to get their kit off,' Piers was quick to add: 'Correct.'"

Cross-national variation in the size of sex differences in values: effects of gender equality. - "How does gender equality relate to men's and women's value priorities? It is hypothesized that, for both sexes, the importance of benevolence, universalism, stimulation, hedonism, and self-direction values increases with greater gender equality, whereas the importance of power, achievement, security, and tradition values decreases. Of particular relevance to the present study, increased gender equality should also permit both sexes to pursue more freely the values they inherently care about more. Drawing on evolutionary and role theories, the authors postulate that women inherently value benevolence and universalism more than men do, whereas men inherently value power, achievement, and stimulation more than women do. Thus, as gender equality increases, sex differences in these values should increase, whereas sex differences in other values should not be affected by increases in gender equality. Studies of 25 representative national samples and of students from 68 countries confirmed the hypotheses except for tradition values. Implications for cross-cultural research on sex differences in values and traits are discussed."
Keywords: higher levels of gender equality, greater differences, greater personality differences

Female power | The Economist - "Sweden is not quite the paragon that its fans imagine, despite its family-friendly employment policies. Only 1.5% of senior managers are women, compared with 11% in America. Three-quarters of Swedish women work in the public sector; three-quarters of men work in the private sector"
Feminist policies = women working in government, because they're too expensive for the private sector to employ

Sweden is not a great place to be a working parent - "75% of Swedish women are working in the public sector - traditionally the lower-paid, lower-qualified end of the employment market - while 75% of men are working in the racier, more demanding private sector. What has happened through the years of family-friendly policies, she says, is that private companies have reduced their number of female employees because they can't afford the cost of the generous maternity packages."

Like it or not, maternity leave hurts your career - "There is no denying that long career interruptions affect a mother’s earnings, too. The average hourly earnings of childless women were close to 30-per-cent higher than mothers who took more than three years off by age 40, according to a 2009 Statistics Canada report. Mothers who took a shorter leave by age 33, however, were able to catch up to their childless peers... At one point in her corporate career, she hired a woman who had taken eight years off to raise her family. The woman later made vice-president, but her example is the exception, not the rule. In other instances, Ms. Stephens-Tolstoy remembers hiring women who had taken long leaves and then cringed when they quit after a few months. “Everyone is rolling their eyes [when that happens]because it’s what they expect women to do,” she said."

More than a year of maternity leave 'can damage your career'

BOINC_Portable_0.2.6.1017.paf.exe | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives - "I also enjoy BOINC projects and PortableApps as well.
I came across this topic and created a first new portable installer for BOINC 7.4.42.
Feel free to enjoy: Download BOINCPortable_7.4.42.0_x86"
Keywords: World Community Grid
Addendum: Unfortunately this version doesn't work
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