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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Delusions of Grandeur of Sangeetha Thanapal

My attention was drawn to a Twitter flamewar between SJW favourite Sangeetha Thanapal (Geetha (@fallenvirgo)) and Desdemona (@The_railroad_)

Some of the claims made in that exchange were very... interesting.

Take this for example:

@fallenvirgo: "YOU HAVE ZERO FOLLOWERS. I have thousands. And u think u can play on my league? You're so entertaining."

A simple check at the top reveals:

"Followers: 200"

Further down:

Geetha: "I'm famous, have an MA, and academics want me to talk, and filmmakers wanna make films abt me. Who are you again?"

I'm going to bet that most people have never heard of her...

On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to films about her.

@fallenvirgo: "this is so funny! Yeah man, I'm only in the ST, only being cited by academics, only loved by thousands."

Ah, more claims we can do a fact check about!

Searching the Straits Times website for "Sangeetha Thanapal", 5 results turn up, belonging to 3 articles. In order,

Law and Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam to make police report over 'inaccurate and seditious' Facebook post
Activist apologises to minister for remarks
The race issue: How far has Singapore come?

Now, if I wanted to be in the Straits Times I could always rob a bank, but I wouldn't put that on my CV, and I certainly wouldn't put that on Twitter.

Only 1 of the search results is for something unrelated to being sued by K. Shanmugam, and that is only a short one-paragraph mention.

As for the bit about being cited by academics, there is only one search result on Google Scholar and it turns out to be a book review.

Outside of Google Scholar there is The double captivity of ‘Chinese privilege’, but then that is a *negative* citation.

As for being loved by thousands... the least we can say about that is that they're not on Twitter.


Does retweeting misandristic tweets mean you are a misandrist?

Geetha Retweeted Father ‏@YeoshinLourdes: "Men and women are not equals. Men have never been, will never be, desirable, compelling, or useful in the way women have always been. Ever."
(This is "a co-creator of the Twitter hashtag #GiveYourMoneyToWomen")

Other gems:

"Dump all men who aren't paying. Cease all dealings w men who don't benefit you upfront. Starve em out; watch the show. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen"

"Starve them out. Let low-utility men die a slow, tortuous death. Enjoy justice. Others will rise to the occasion to become assets to women."
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