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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting caned for asking the wrong questions

On education in Singapore in the past:

"In primary school, during maths classes when I asked why do we need to learn fractions, I was sent to the principal's office for caning.

In secondary chemistry class, when we were learning about atoms, and I asked about what made up the protons & electrons, I was told that they're the smallest particles ever. I persisted and asked if it was possible that we simply do not know what makes up protons & electrons, I was sent out of the class for disrupting the class.

When I looked at naked flames during chemistry class and asked what state that was, I was told it was gaseous. I disagreed and said that that can't be right. I found myself outside the class again.

During commerce class, when we were discussing barter trades, and I asked why we couldn't revert back to barter trade, I was told not to ask silly questions.

I can give you thousands of examples that got me sent out of the class &/or caning almost on a daily basis.

But that was the past, I heard that educators today have been taught to encourage discussions in class."
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