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Friday, May 22, 2015

Friendzone Memes

"Friendzone Level +99"

"i finally found a boy worth keeping, and he was disguised as my best friend the whole time! :)"

"My hands rubbed her foot gently, my fingers tenderly alternating pressure on her arches; she lets out a soft moan. My gaze slowly moved up her supple legs and glanced over her breasts; finally our eyes locked. Her lips parted in a wicked grin and she said 'That feels great, who needs a boyfriend when I've got a best friend like you!" - An excerpt from my next upcoming novel "50 Shades of Friend Zone""

"Friendzone 69"


"Girlfriend" vs "Girl friend"



"I'm so deep in the friendzone that I've met her boyfriend's parents."

Garwin Kim Sing's answer to What are some of the best "friendzoned" memes? - Quora

"I had a 3 yr friendship with a woman who was really attractive but way beyond my reach. But she was happy enough to be in my company and I in hers, such that we would spend most weekends going to the local football matches together. One day my French friend called me up to go out to movies, and I had to beg off because I was going to the football the next day. So with natural blokeish curiosity, he asked me who I was going to the football with. Not wanting to give the wrong impression that we were an item, I said "Errrrr, Jean-Michelle, what do you call in French a girl who's a friend but not your girlfriend?". His reply: "A waste of time".

More: What are some of the best "friendzoned" memes? - Quora
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