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Friday, March 27, 2015

Seeing God in Women

A: My intern buddy is an atheist. There are two other intern who are girls and are Christians. One of them is pretty. They pray before they eat. My intern buddy never prayed before he start eating. But today, because we decided to eat with the two Christian girls, he started praying before he eat.

Oh my, I guess he must really like the girl.

If you have to be someone you are not simply to impress a girl, what's the point?

Me: Most inspiring line I've read. "I deconverted her and had sex with her"
Maybe he likes the less pretty one :P

B: You chauvinistic misogynist

A: Pls, he ask to switch seats with me so that he can face the pretty one. In his defense, the pretty one really quite pretty huehuehue

B: He is an atheist who has thought about it or atheist who hasn't

A: Hasn't

B: Argument from pretty members of the opposite gender
I have a friend for whom Christianity was false before girlfriend and true after girlfriend

A: That argument truly is a good one. It's a defeater. How do u argue against that?

B: It's not just a defeater. It's an undercutting defeater

A: I think every guy who thinks abt stuff will agree thaf yr friend for whom Christianity is false before gf, and true after gf is the rational thing to do. Anyway, u dont have to be genuine. Just need to seem like genuine long enough until u tap her.

Me: After tap she will change her mind? ;)

C: My gf used to be Christian too... ^^

She could be reasoned with. Just don't get the bimbos, or family who's hardcore Christian also. Initially religion wasn't an issue, but slowly became a conversational topic.

By bimbos, I mean one who insist having a religion in life, just to play it "safe". It's a magical barrier that no amount of intellectual debate can perpetrate.

D: the girl is the whole point
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