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Monday, March 23, 2015

Genderfluidity: raising questions about the LGBT Consensus

"Lizzy the Lezzy: don't erase someone else's identity!

'This is both of me. I'm genderfluid and bisexual. Some days I wake up wondering where my dick is, and why in the world I have boobs. Other days, I wake up and I feel like myself. Either way I wake up, I wake up next to the man of my dreams...

Don't erase us. We're real, and we have a voice!'"

Several points that one could take away:

- "If you're so obsessed with your sexuality that it constitutes your entire identity, you need to seek help"
- Some people might just be confused
- Some people might just be doing it for attention
- The line between identity and illness may be closer to illness than it is currently political expedient to say
- Can "identity" be founded upon something volatile which is possibly determined at will?
- What's the difference between this and multiple personality disorder?
- Why is it okay to identify as another gender but not another race or species?
- Isn't it convenient that she's also bisexual?
- Should we accept every identity that others demand we accept? How much should society cater to anyone who has some special issue?
- Should people be proud of having mental illnesses?

(Broadly, the LGBT Consensus is that it's okay for people to identify as whatever sexual orientation and sexual identity, that there's nothing wrong with them, that it's gender dysphoria instead of gender identity disorder etc)

Keywords: species dysphoria, transspeciesm, challenge to the lgbt consensus, challenging the lglbt consensus
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