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Friday, February 27, 2015

Double Standards: Some Races/Religions are More Equal than Others

From time to time, one comes across cases of individuals in Singapore investigated, charged and/or convicted for upsetting racial-religious harmony.

Usually, we hear of such cases when a "minority" is insulted.

Yet, let us not pretend that "minorities" are saints.

Let us take a case of a certain Muhammad Hechter, who was quick to anger due to a comment on SMRT Ltd (Feedback)'s page:

Muhammad Hechter: For FengquaN Koh to mentioned "It's so painful to see so many idiots believing what the Islam said in a book?!" is very uncalled for n dat is deemed as causing religious and racist unrest. N dat warrant a police report to be made against him!!! I have screenshot his comments and will make a police report soon...Dude just standby ok...n for ur fren by d name of Dzulhisham Along, pls open ur eyes and ur mind. How can u actually b his fren wen he condemned ur religion n mine by calling us Muslims idiots for believing in d Quran!!!

FengquaN Koh: Come i clap for you! What an idiot, you can't even understand what i wrote. You can even tell the term, "idiot" is referring to a individual or religion.

Let me give you a like.

Muhammad Hechter: I fully understood wat u typed nt wrote. The word "idiot" refers to n individual who believes in Islam. Its as simple as dat. I m nt as stupid as u r by putting dat word down means ur calling us Muslims "idiots" bcos our faith n belief is in Islam. Hence u r causing racial n religious unrest. Lu standby suah dok...


Looking at what FengquaN Koh had posted, we see that it is quite innocuous:

"It's so painful to see so many idiots believing what the islam said in a book?!

There is something called "google". These days pigs are raise with proper nutritional ingredients.

Seriously, do yourselves a favor by doing a bit of research before commenting like an ignorant fool."

This post was in response to the usual tiresome claims about pork being bad for you because of parasites/tapeworms:

Keith Tan: "Hokkien say smart enuff dun act smart. So now is drink enuff dun eat pork. Anyway, smart ppl dun eat pork, u shld read how it affects ur health. If torah, bible n quran say so, dun eat it if u can."

In other words, A claims that you shouldn't eat pork because the Quran (among other religious texts) says so.

B responds that you shouldn't blindly believe what religious texts and that you should educate yourself, and that if you don't (and blindly believe what religious texts say), you're an idiot.

In light of this, FengquaN Koh's response would seem reasonable - if someone insisted that the Moon emitted light because of what was written in a religious text, one would be justified in chiding him for being an idiot (since it is demonstrably false that the moon emits light).

Now, what is especially interesting here is to contrast this (Hechter's police report) to his response to me:

Me: Technically if you're from the Hanafi school of Islam you can drink

Muhammad Hechter: N technically u r stupid n ignorant cos ur Chinese???!!!???

Me: Don't hate me if you're ignorant of some of the subtleties of your religion

Early hanafi scholars said non grape or date alcohol was ok

Alcohol: Its kinds, usage and Rulings | General Fiqh | Fiqh

Also I'm sure your Chinese Muslim brothers would not appreciate your racist remark

Muhammad Hechter: Hahaha hahaha too much swine in u aldy dats y...can't blame u for d lack of respect...well again dats Chinese...

So, this chap twice insulted me for being Chinese (besides not just being ignorant but reveling in his ignorance, and being irrational to boot [I'm still not sure what the link between eating pork and lacking respect is]).

At the same time he made a police report about someone for telling him to look at scientific evidence.

This is rich indeed.

One wonders why one never hears of Malays and/or Muslims insulting other races and/or religions.

I am tempted to see what happens if I, in turn, make a police report about this chap insulting my racial feelings, but I'm not sure if it's worth wasting taxpayers' money just to test the system for institutional racism/religious bias.


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