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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Don't date a girl who travels

Friend on 21 Reasons Hong Kong Is The Only Place To Live:

"Read on at your own peril....Disgusting horse-shit spewing out of the mouth of what appears to be yet another privileged white girl. Ughh......I hate these privileged wander-fuckers. Anyone with a quarter of a brain would realise that Hong Kong is a pretty fucking miserable place to live for anyone who's not on an expat-package or in the top 5 percent income level.

Okay I'm about to go off on a tangent for this rant.

Traveling to new places in the world is an incredible experience, and I enjoy it very much myself. Most people enjoy it - that's the reason why it's one of the most popular interests amongst young people today. And it's seen a much higher take-up rate for our generation because we have unparalleled access to leisure/pleasure travel. 70 years ago when a 20 yo man goes overseas it might be Normandy and it could very well be his last trip overseas.

That said, our generation's preoccupation with travel has led to a slew of upper-class kids developing severe cases of wander-fucker syndrome. This is a lethal combination of demographics and upbringing - young people who are affluent enough to visit a large number of countries without feeling the financial ramifications and who retain the inability to relate to the concept of "struggling for a living". The key component to put this all together is smugness. A wander-fucker inadvertently has an overwhelming sense of smugness about how well-traveled he/she is, and will let you know it. This is often doubly patronising as the wander-fucker will usually be talking down to someone far less privileged than themselves, and the disparity in travel experience is simply a result of the inequality in starting resources available to the two individuals.

Here's the typical narrative from what I have termed "the privileged wander-fucker". Ooooh look at this quaint little third world country, filled with all these impoverished creatures, how exotic and interesting. Wow, look at how simple life is here, with their lack of proper healthcare or clean water supply. This place is so beautiful and serene, I can't understand why these people are so poor and struggling to survive. *exaggeration included

A few months ago I met this girl who epitomised what I've been writing about with regards to "wander-fucker syndrome". She said, "I hope you won't be intimidated by how well-traveled I am". I kept waiting for her to break out into laughter but to my horror, she was dead serious. And then she started talking derisively about how people who have traveled little are myopic and limited in their thinking, too afraid to step out of their comfort zones etc, before going on about how the many different stamps on her passport accorded her a distinct sense of moral and intellectual superiority over her less-traveled peers. Don't date a girl who travels =p...

Btw the girl was Singaporean Chinese. Context seemed to imply she was not targeting Americans."
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