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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Links - 24th April 2014

MINDEF under fire for enlisting mentally-ill NSF « Editorial « TR EMERITUS - "Dr Cheok urged the SAF to take a more “rehabilitative, rather than punitive” approach to discipline, saying “there should be special considerations when punishing soldiers with serious mental illnesses”. There is also a perception that soldiers who downgrade their PES status because of mental health issues are malingering. Such stigma must be addressed, Dr Cheok said. He believes that SAF needs to invest more resources in its mental health services."
I'm sure he was accused of chao keng

Why ST shouldn’t report on SPH events | New Nation - "The entire SPH event boils down to one blogger having a nice bottom. Everything else is just pointless chatter."

Just what sort of person bothers to cheat at a pub quiz? - "The pub quiz is a fine and noble tradition. Sport for people who are no good at sport, as someone once put it. If you’re the sort of person who feels the need to cheat at one, what you should really be doing with your iPhone is downloading that app which turns it into a mirror, then taking a long hard look in it. Meanwhile if the process of combating people like you is honing the quality of pub quiz questions for everyone else, I for one will raise a glass to that."

whatshouldasiacallme - "What happens when you put a bunch of Americans in Singapore for 5 months? Some pretty entertaining shenanigans"
Not sure if this was funnier or What Should Asia Call You

The offal truth about American haggis - "Authentic Scottish haggis has been banned in the United States since 1971, when the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) first took a dim view of one of its key ingredients - sheep's lung... A 2003 survey suggested that a third of US visitors to Scotland believed the haggis was an animal. Nearly a quarter thought they could catch one... If all else fails, he suggests, "it shouldn't be too difficult to organise a cross-border smuggling operation" to bring the authentic product to US palates."

Local undergrad blogger cyberbullied and called a 'bimbo' - "Feeling victimised, she approached her school for help and as a result, two of his professors spoke to him, says Miss Phneah. After that, Mr Lim apologised on Facebook. Intending to lay the matter to rest, she wrote a private note to him on the same platform to thank him. Little did she know that the move would prompt a fresh debate and bigger outcry as he re-posted her note, attracting a flood of comments from netizens who slammed her for going to the school for help. Of particular interest was one which was purportedly by Mr Vincent Wijeysingha, who used to be part of the Singapore Democratic Party and is currently a social worker. His comments apparently were: "No, civil society is not easily offended, only some silly self-absorbed bloggers like Jeraldine Bimbo Popiah." He continued: "Yes, boys and girls, bimbo. B-I-M-B-O. The quality or function of being a totally self-absorbed twit with the intellectual capacity of a popiah and the social grace of a dengue mosquito. Bimbo. B-I-M-B-O". Repeated attempts to contact Mr Wijeysingha were unsuccessful... Ironically, the bullies, whom she says are close friends with each other, wrote to her asking her to stop the flood of hate directed towards them... Her solution to nasty comments? "Grow up, and suck it up," Cheng, 29, declares. "If you can't deal with a few comments on the Internet, how are you going to deal with the other things that life throws at you? "If you let anonymous people on the Internet get you down and depressed, it just shows weakness of character. "Besides, what can bullies do if you don't let them get to you?"... You could say that Cheng has earned her stripes to make these blasé remarks, having come under fire in the days leading up to last year's by-election for supporting the People's Action Party. Detractors left comments on photos taken of Cheng and her friends at a PAP rally in 2011, labelling them prostitutes, among other crude insults. She had never received as much hate as when it came to politics, despite having written about controversial issues in the past, she says. "People wish death upon me and my family, threatening to hurt me if they ever see me""
Unsurprisingly, I saw an anti-'homophobe' activist took part in the gangbang

Jeraldine Phneah: Reflections on cyber-bullying case by NTU Sociology Student Lim Jialiang - "This was not the case of me not being able to take criticism. Cyber harassment is different from individual criticisms. It is done by a group, repetitive, with the intention to hurt and belittle in front of a large audience"
Naturally, she also got accused of being 'privileged'; apparently privilege makes you 'aloof and unable to think for yourself'

Jeraldine Phneah: Top 12 FAQs on Dating & Relationships - "2) Should I date down and settle?
I won't encourage dating down. If you think that you are dating down, a part of you already feels superior to him and does not see him as an equal. Very likely, this will result in disrespect in the future towards someone who is supposed to be an equal partner to you...
4) I just got jilted. Will posting emotional updates and articles help get his attention?...
6) Do you think women should take initiative to like a guy?
Nope. If you wait for people to ask you out rather than taking initiative, you are putting a higher price on yourself. Do you see big brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari going door to door to do direct marketing? People go to big brands, big brands don't go to people... In your 20s, you should never ever worry about being left on the shelf because it is your prime time and even girls who are below average will be able to hook up easily...
8) How do I deal w a breakup?
You shouldn't ask me. In my previous break up with a Category A boyfriend of four years, I traveled to two countries to live in for a year; went to loads of parties and tried some rebounds. Didn't work. The feelings came back on and off...
9) My friends say I come across as too intimidating to guys because of my qualifications. Sometimes I just want a casual no strings attached flirting session in bars, social events and clubs? What should I do?
If you want a casual and no strings attached flirting session what you can do is lie about your qualifications... when I go clubbing at places where the more ah-beng type hang out at, my objective is just to flirt (if i am single) and I don't intend to see them anymore after I have left. If they find out from my friends about my background, it is a major turn off because it is too intimidating and they would talk more to other girls instead. So, I tend to lie and give a fake name, say that I just graduated from poly, speak in a middle-class Singadarin speaking accent like "Wa lao, Ni hen bad leh" or "Wo gen ni jiang hor, that day, wo qu Playhouse..."...
12) I want to date accomplished and driven men. Where do I find such guys? How do I attract such people?
If you want to mix with such people, get your friends within this social circle to introduce you. However, my advice is don't idealize this type of elite guys. Sometimes, those on top of the food chain have plenty of self-esteem issues because they base their confidence almost entirely on their work/achievement. These insecurities manifest itself in several ways like looking down on other people, constantly showing off or having a sense of entitlement. As mentioned above, some of them are also a little snobbish or elitist...
13) I know I am not happy with him but I already put in a lot of effort, should I still stay?
In relationships, you should think more in terms of opportunity cost rather than sunk cost. The sunk-cost fallacy is our worst enemy"
Should you date up?

Muslim Student Files Complaint Against Teacher … for Talking About Ham - "Earlier this year, La Meca, a popular nightclub in southern Spain, decided to change its name after Spain’s intelligence agency notified the owners of threats from Islamic extremists. While moderate Muslims in Spain weren’t calling for beheadings, they did echo the call for the club’s name to be changed... It’s hard to keep track these days of what ¨shows disregard to the feelings of Muslims.” Consider the case of the student at the Menéndez Tolosa school in Cadiz who recently asked his geography teacher to stop discussing ham in class because it was disrespectful to him as a Muslim. It should be noted that the teacher, José Reyes Fernández, was not mocking the Koran’s prohibition against eating ham. What was so offensive to the student was Fernández’s use of the Granada town of Trevélez as an example of a cold mountain climate conducive to the curings of hams. Fernández’s explanation to the student that he did not consider his pupils’ religious beliefs when creating his lesson plans apparently did not pass muster. The student’s parents immediately filed a complaint against the teacher with the National Police for psychological ill-treatment due to xenophobia and racism... a hospital in West Australia took baked ham off its Christmas menu in order to avoid offending Muslim patients back in 2005"

Vlaams Belang Protests School Barbecue, Push Pork Down Students' Throats | - "One of the students, who were aged between 12 and 14, added: “They said that halal meat is not real food and that our stomachs needed filling”... In reply to criticisms, VB leader Filip Dewinter said that the protest “was meant to be funny”. He added: “It would be better if schools stopped exposing children to such multicultural activities.”"

French crackdown on 'racist soup' - "A leading French anti-racism movement has urged Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to ban pork soup give-aways throughout the country... Many local authorities have said they are powerless to intervene as the groups are not breaking the law. National Front spokesman Bruno Gollinisch said that people had the right to be charitable to whomever they want. He described moves to ban the pork soup kitchens as "revelatory of authorities' alienation from the French people". Dominique Lescure, head of the Nice-based group Soulidarieta, said pork was a traditional part of French cuisine"

Debate stirred after pork pulled from daycare menu - "several Copenhagen daycares have also stopped serving pork and have started to serve only meat which is slaughtered according to Islamic ‘halal’ guidelines... “Meals are an important and communal part of the day where children experience being part of an inclusive community,” the institution's manager, Helle Jensen, told Ritzau. “To make sure this is the case, it is important that we do not treat the children differently.”"
Do they have a lot of vegetarians?
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