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Friday, February 07, 2014

Sino-Jingoism by the Chinese Diaspora

A (who has never been to China): "If anyone wants to dispute the DiaoYu islands, i will make sure you will regret it...

For me, i am holding a pink IC, but i am willing to give it up anytime should war happen between China and anyone, even the US. But for now i will fight with facts and history. In fact i hope i can move to China soon enough to start getting my Chinese ID. While i may seem to be a Chinese nazi and totally anti-west, but i am not, you respect us, i will give you back that respect, you fuck with us, i will make sure you wish you hadn't...

You know what the best thing is? Chinese with anti-Chinese sentiments. We have a special name for these people: Han Traitors."

"It's my people, my home, my land. I will die for them even if we are quarreling everyday or what. This is not about politics. it's about my culture, my people, my land that i am willing to die for. Even if i am not or could not be a PRC, i will die for them, that simple.

I will do anything to protect my bloodline that's 40,000 years old, my culture that's 9000 years old, my language and script that's 8000 years old, my civilisation that's 5000 years old, my empire that's 2200 years old.

That's all. That simple, no politics, but simply because i am Chinese. I am Chinese and therefore i should be a citizen of the owner of the central plains and the nine states. No matter how my people are, there are still my brothers and sisters, i will not abandon them simply because they are crude or they spit everywhere. Tha'simple"

Does any other political entity inspire such passion in its diaspora?
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