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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Links - 24th April 2013

Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) - "13. Can I have the source code?
14. Can I buy the source code?
Sure, make me "an offer I can't refuse".
15. Just for fun, I checked Tilman's web site, and found many broken links. Why?
I check my own web site every week on friday. Nevertheless there are always broken links:
- Links that I know to be broken: I keep them like that to remind me to find these people some day. The web page itself has a notice that the link is broken."

The homepage of Tilman Hausherr - "Jerry Ladd researched about Xenu and came up with a different explanation. According to him, Xenu was good, but an evil guy with the name "Phatmanotoo" framed him to cover up his failure in nuclear science class. He created the Knights of Xenu, a loose community of good people. There's no sign-up, no contract; just affix KoX to your signature and you're in.
How does Xenu look? See Xenu's vacation in Ann Arbor, Michigan (formerly here). There are two other theories. My theory is that Xenu is the monolith from 2001: A Space Oddysey. Scientologists were forbidden to watch the film, because it contains restimulative material. Another theory is that Xenu is Deana Holmes' grey adopted cat. Deana's mom is somewhat anxious about the name. Xenu was pregnant; this didn't keep her from whispering encheferated documents in Deana's ear. Xenu is now a Mom, and gave birth to five kittens! Deana adopted one of the kittens, and gave her the name Zoe. This wonderful story does not end happily for Deana: Xenu is a deadbeat mom.
Steve Fishman's daughter Elysia presented Xenu as work for her creative writing class, but got only a B+ because her teacher considered it unrealistic!"

Relief teacher took student's virginity, promised her marriage - "A district court heard that the two became close after a salad-making competition at the end of July 2009... She treated him as an older brother with whom she shared her problems. He also treated her as a younger sister and asked her out for meals... After taking her virginity, he promised to marry her...
March 14, 2013: A 32-year-old teacher, a married mother of three, was sentenced to a year's jail for having sex with her student, who was then 13. They had sex four times, oral sex once and she committed an obscene act with him once.
Oct 29, 2011: A 32-year-old teacher was sentenced to one-year jail for having sex with her then 15-year-old student. The married teacher in a top school had sex with the boy nine times.
Feb 23, 2009: A former primary school teacher was jailed 10 months for having sex with a 15-year-old boy. She was the first woman in Singapore to be hauled to court for being sexually intimate with an underage boy. She had sex with him six times"
Since he is male he was sentenced more heavily (18 months) than the 3 women

Germans too small for condoms? - "In 1996, in order to promote economic and cultural exchange throughout Europe, the European Union decided upon a standard size of condom — 6.63 inches in length and a range of 1.7 to 2.2 inches in width, to be exact. According to Focus, a study conducted by the German condom manufacturer Condomi found that the standard European condom fell off of half of the men polled. “The average German penis is about 3.5 to 4 millimeters (0.13 to 0.15 inches) too narrow for the standard EN 600 condom”"

Chinese protesters demand a boycott of former Japanese AV star Sola Aoi amid Senkaku row - "At 10:00 a.m. the march reconvened, this time with more placards, one of which read, “Boycott Japanese goods, including AV actress Sola Aoi!” Aoi, who made her name in such classic AV pics as “Big Tits Zombie” and “Revenge: A Love Story,” is a popular figure in entertainment in China. The 28-year-old’s account on Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter) has attracted over 13 million followers. The anti-Sola sentiment is contrary to a slogan that spread through China starting in April, when Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara announced his plan to purchase the controversial outcroppings: “The Senkaku Islands belong to us; Sola Aoi belongs to the world!”"

Why I walked out of Les Miserables - "I wasn’t the only one who hated almost every minute of it. At work the next day, a colleague quietly admitted to having watched it stony-faced as the cinema audience sobbed around her. Anthony Lane, one of the world’s most eminent film critics, also demolished it, saying: “I screamed a scream as time went by.” Les Misérables is about poverty, pain, isolation, frustration, suffering. The songs are, in every way, “big”. And that’s where, for me, it fell so woefully short. Where Hugh Jackman, as the long-suffering central character Jean Valjean, imprisoned for 17 years for stealing a loaf of bread, should have soared in moments of anger or pain, his vocals died. Instead of following through on the long, sustained notes – of which there are many in Les Mis – he cut them off with a weak, nasal vibrato. It was as if Jackman was afraid to go for it... the singing wasn’t meant to be technically perfect, but “raw and real”. Well, I’m fine with raw and real. I don’t believe singing has to be technically perfect but it does need to express emotion. And for me, at key moments in the score, the vocals just weren’t raw and real enough. They weren’t sung from the gut... In [Marni Nixon's] opinion, the Les Misérables film was misconceived. “If you’re making a musical, you should hire singers,” she tells me. “Singers who can act. In a musical, you want singing that’s technically good. It’s cruel to make people who can’t sing, sing.” For Nixon, Jackman wasn’t a bad singer, just miscast... “It doesn’t suit this score to have actors speak-singing it. Les Misérables is written to be sung operatically, with long lines to make it come off.” She chuckles, adding: “Maybe the director told the actors, 'You don’t have to hold the notes that long, because it’s silly. It sounds like you’re singing!’ ” She gives short shrift to Crowe’s “raw and real” defence: “We’re talking about a musical. Is that real? People don’t go around singing 'La la la la’ to each other all day!”"

Top des traductions de merde - la compilation

School Recess Gets Gentler, and the Adults Are Dismayed - New York Times - "No longer could they let off their youthful energy — pent up from hours of long division — by cavorting outside for 22 minutes of unstructured play, or perhaps with a vigorous game of tag or dodgeball. Such games had been virtually banned by the principal, Mark S. Johnson, along with kickball, soccer and other “body-banging” activities, as he put it, where knees — and feelings — might get bruised. Instead, children are encouraged to jump rope, play with Hula Hoops or gently fling a Frisbee. Balls are practically controlled substances, parceled out under close supervision by playground monitors... Many parents are still not satisfied, however, saying that such coddling fails to prepare children for adulthood. “Life is competitive,” said Shari Clewell, the mother of a fifth grader. “Kids compete for attention. They compete for grades. You compete for a job. You compete from the time you’re little all the way to the end.” Pretending otherwise is pointless, she said. “They’re kids. They are competitive. They can play jump rope and jacks and make it competitive”... [Some schools] citing liability concerns, have banned sports like dodgeball, where children are the targets. In Cheyenne, Wyo., one school has banished tag from the playground as being too rough but allows other contact sports, like touch football. Several schools in Colorado have banned tag for the same reason... In Wyckoff, N.J., freestyle recess has become a “midday fitness” class. Student have fewer options for activities and are told to keep moving. By applying recess to the gym requirement, the schools have freed up time for academics... “Children need to engage in games such as this in order to develop social skills, to learn to handle themselves, to avoid obesity, and to get the activities they need, and these are traditional games, going on for centuries,” Dr. Frost said. “It’s just difficult to imagine how a person in education could come up with such a bad idea.” As for playground bullies, he said: “There are ways for teachers to handle bullying without stopping the play for all the children. This is a teacher problem. This is not a child problem.” But to Mr. Johnson, who has been a school principal for five years, it is the lack of structure that places recess out of sync with the educational and moral instruction provided the rest of the day"

Photo : une série d'images qui illustrent le passage du temps

How China's Top Digital Spies Got Outed by Facebook and Twitter

Bad Guy Japan: Our Reporter Stumbles Upon Anti-Japanese Shooting Game in Myanmar Arcade - "the cabinet actually originated from a company called Dragonwin Animation in Guangzhou, China. The game’s obscure title of PK918, meanwhile, is believed to be a reference to the Mukden Incident, which took place on September 18, 1931 in Manchuria, leading to the Japanese invasion of the country"

How to Attract Protesters to Your Wedding - China Real Time Report - WSJ - "The crowd has risen up in response to her widely republished Facebook posting earlier this month: “I’m not opening a charity….If you really only want to give me a HK$500 [US$65] cash gift, then don’t bother coming to my wedding”... nearly 1,000 people said they were planning to attend a wedding-day protest, organized via Facebook, at the hotel where she’s getting married... “What a person wants to give and how much your wedding costs are separate things,” Mr. Lai, a logistics worker, told China Real Time. “You can have these thoughts inside your heart, but you have to keep them to yourself.” Mr. Lai says he is considering attending the wedding protest. “I’ll have to check my schedule first and see if I have the time,” he said"

Housewife Charged In Sex-For-Security Scam | The Onion - America's Finest News Source - "Area resident Helen Crandall, 44, was arrested by Akron police Sunday, charged with conducting an elaborate "sex for security" scam in which she allegedly defrauded husband Russell Crandall out of nearly $230,000 in cash, food, clothing and housing over the past 19 years using periodic offers of sexual intercourse... According to Agee, undercover agents spotted Crandall's husband handing her $50 in cash at approximately 4 p.m., just 30 minutes after the two had sex. Crandall then drove off in her car, returning home two hours later with five bags of groceries. "That's when we made the arrest," Agee said. "After tracking her for years, we finally had proof that she was buying all those goods with dirty money"... Perhaps the most damaging testimony has come from Mr. Crandall himself, who on Tuesday told police that while the couple was dating in 1977, Mrs. Crandall—then known as Helen Steuben—demanded that he buy her a ring worth over $1,000 before he could have sex with her. The first sexual liaison took place some six months later at Bob's Honeymooner Hotel during an all-expenses-paid trip to Niagara Falls. It was also in 1977, Mr. Crandall said, that his wife quit her job at Shippee Shoes in downtown Akron. "Clearly," Summit County prosecutor Andrew Dravecky said, "after quitting her job, the accused began receiving money under the table from some other source: How else could she have afforded to not work? It's now pretty apparent that at that point she began supporting herself by providing a certain service to Mr. Crandall"... The Crandall case is not an isolated incident, said criminologist John Ohlmeyer, who said there are "literally millions" of such cases across the U.S. each year that never come to court. "This kind of thing isn't as uncommon as we'd all like to think," Ohlmeyer said. "A woman finds herself in a situation where she isn't employable. Or maybe she has interests like child-rearing, cooking and home-maintenance that keep her from getting a job. So what does she do? She cooks up a scheme to entrap a man using her body as the bait. It's frightening, but it happens every day in this country.""

"I know my place" - YouTube
On the Class System in the UK

Psy's Gentleman banned from Korean TV due to depiction of anti-social behaviour
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