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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


"WARNING: To all my fellow Christians, be Wise and Aware!!

We all may have been wrong about "LOL" meaning "laugh out loud."
An image posted is warning everyone that when writing "LOL" means praying to the prince of darkness satan because it actually means "Lucifer our lord."
"Beware, stop using the abbreviation 'LOL'," reads part of the warning. "Satanists end their prayers by saying 'Lucifer our Lord', in short, 'LOL'. Every time you type 'LOL you are endorsing Satan."
From everything we can gather, "LOL" still means "laugh out loud", but if this were the case there are a lot of people who bow down to Satan on the Internet. It's used on the social media site more dozens of times a minute.
Even more Unholy abbreviations:

● YOLO - "Youth Obeying Lucifer's Orders"
● SWAG - Satan's Wishes Are Granted
● ROFL - Rise, Our Father Lucifer
● BRB - Beelzebub Rules Below.
● ASL - All Supreme Lucifer

We are the Children of GOD in heaven and we only belong to Him!!"

Some have said that this might be satire, but viewing the Facebook Timeline of the person who posted it, I'm not so sure (perhaps it's just bad writing skills).

Amusingly the watermark reads "eatliver.com", where one finds "Crazy funny pictures of insane internet".
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