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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Even Statistical Equality is not Enough

United Nations News Centre - Marking International Day, UN calls for eliminating violence against women

"Women are also vulnerable to being forced to trade sex for food...

According to UNODC statistics, some 84,000 females were the victims of homicide globally in 2010. In Europe alone, 18 women are killed every day on average and 12 of them are murdered at the hands of their intimate partners or other family members...

“Today, half of all people living with HIV are women. Every minute one young woman is infected with HIV,” he said. “This is not acceptable. Only when we value a girl's health and welfare as highly as a boy's, only when we listen and act equally to women's voices – then can we have a chance at ending this epidemic.”"

Presumably it will only be acceptable when:

- everyone living with HIV is male (since men don't matter)
- when only men are victims of homicide (according to UNODC statistics, in 2010 some 468,000 people were the victims of homicide. This means that 4.6 times as many men as women were victims of homicide. On the upside, Europe is less sexist than the rest of the world, since the ratio there is only 2.6 [naturally, still in women's favour])
- women, like men, will generally be unable to trade sex for food (and can thus starve instead)

(not to mention how the rest of the messages problematically only talk about violence against women, instead of violence, period.)
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