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Sunday, July 22, 2012

u r wt u wr - 22nd July 2012

u r wt u wr:
- 'Beautiful' ('plain', more like )
- 'Work of art' (She did look like she was old enough to be a classic)
- 'Love journey tantra of the heart develop your capacity for ecstasy expand contact with inner lover and fulfill needs deeply seen and received'
- 'starving for love. -US- passionate'
- 'Coffee, me or tea?' (Filipina)
- '♥ love love love angel'
- 'perfect'
- 'put the fun between your legs'
- 'sweeter the honey -something - the gal'
- 'girl' (Back; I didn't see the front. Maybe it said 'boy')
- 'Oh lala! Encore *Picture of a couple. The woman seemed to have curly brown hair. Didn't notice the man*'
- 'Come with me far far away from the noise'
- 'Freshly squeezed apple juice. Since 1971' (She looked to be in her 20s, not 41)
- 'I want to -lipstick mark- u baby'
- 'Nice'
- '*Toilet sign with both silhouettes*' (I couldn't tell if this was a man or a woman)
- 'kiss my cookies' (contributed)
- 'Loved across the world' (there was a lot of her to love)
- 'I'm not perfect just awesome' (She must've had lots of inner beauty)
- 'take me out *Picture of chopsticks in a box*'
- 'Love the heart that hurts you -many words-'
- 'magnificent' (This should have been 'underwhelming')
- 'These *something* are for hugging'
- 'Veux-tu m'epouser?' (I asked her if she'd gotten any propositions. She didn't know what it meant.)
- [Contributed] 'I ♥ BJ' (I have this one too; 'her mouth looked quite chapped')

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - Spain:
- 'You make me happy' ('You' was at the bustline. Maybe she wanted to make others happy)
- 'I ♥ my boy'

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - Australia:
- 'blond in love' (this was inside a heart, and there were small hearts in it too)
- 'When I was in Paris I wanted to go the Eiffel Tower'
- 'Ruck me maul me make me scrum'

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - Vietnam:
- 'I love you. Girls *something* gone'
- 'I *lipstick mark* lipstrick' (auntie on motorbike, slogan on helmet)
- I saw a girl whose motorbike helmet design had a magnet attracting hearts
- 'Dazzlingly beautiful' (err)
- 'tea orange juice doughnut. sometimes you hug me sometimes you do not'

For some reason white women like to wear spaghetti straps or tank tops and have their bra cups peek out. This is quite ugly (observed in Vietnam)

- 'Employee of the month [Back: 'July 2006']' (He'd have been 1 or 2 then. Preparing for future wage slavery!)
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