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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conversations - 25th July 2012

Someone: "are u attached?"
"do u have a bf?"

Me: hurr why are people so curious about you
how come no one asks me

Someone: EXACTLY
i hated being asked about every little thing ALL the time

Me: people love you :P

Someone: either that or they're plotting my downfall

Me: simi plot your downfall

dont be so paranoid can

Someone: so i decided to ignore that possibility
stop overthinking

Me: I should be happy no one is plotting mine then

Someone: how u know no one is?
maybe they're just more sophisticated
cos u're smarter than me
and less nice also

Me: hurr hurr
less nice = be more secretive in plotting downfall?

Someone: yup
or perhaps u just give people less reason to be jealous of u
which also means ure smarter than me

Me: hurr hurr

why are people jealous of you?
successful ***?

Someone: aiyah
the usual la
they think im always travelling living the good life have a good job
good family not poor attractive etc
whatever lor

that\s my point
how i know what they're thinking right

it's very puzzling when people try act like they're my bffs
when i barely talk to them in real life

Me: you talk to me quite a lot but I dont try to act bff hahahaha
see being friends with guys is so much easier

Someone: exactly

Me: the only thing you have to worry about is if we're trying
to get into your pants

Someone: my GOOD friends i know who they are

and u're one of them!

that last line was a continuation of the good friends NOT trying to
get into my pants hahahaha

hmmm that's a pretty accurate, comprehensive summary of the
heterosexual boy-girl friendship

Me: this is why girls love gay guys the best. You don't have to worry about upstaging attempts and the increased drama and histrionics are compensated by not having to worry about if he's trying to bed you

Someone: Noleh
I like heterosexual male attention lol

'Ken': ur ex is pretty


by sg girls standard

Me: hahahahahaha
damning with faint praise

Someone: Is she pretty?

Me: I should go for an ugly girl

Someone: Well perhaps
I notice the average looking girls are much nicer more kinder
Better character

Me: nicer than ugly?

Someone: Not sure
Don't talk to ugly ones much

Me: tsk tsk

Someone else: someone told me i shld date a japanophile

Me: yeah a lot of people tell you that I'm sure

Someone else: but most female japanophiles look freaky and dream of having Takuya Kimura as bf

Me: and the male ones?

Someone else: there's a wider range

some r freaky and wish to marry jav stars
some travel to japan 15 times in 3 yrs

luckily i dun belong to these categories


Frigid Girl: HURHUR
she's v hot in brit news now
cos of her great tits

Me: she's american

Frigid Girl: what's she famous for/
i cannot remember anything else except her boobs
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