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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Links - 31st July 2012

Is Psychology About to Come Undone? - "Nosek told Science that a senior colleague warned him not to take this on “because psychology is under threat and this could make us look bad”... The researchers point out, fairly, that it’s not just social psychology that has to deal with this issue. Recently, a scientist named C. Glenn Begley attempted to replicate 53 cancer studies he deemed landmark publications. He could only replicate six"

Why are textbooks so expensive? - "In some cases, the costs are driven up because the market has gotten highly competitive with more and expensive features, like pricey full color throughout, and lots of ancillaries (website for the book, CD-ROM of Powerpoints or images, study guide for students, instructor’s guide, test banks, and many other extras)... Low volume = higher individual cost per unit. It’s simple economics... the real culprit is something most students don’t suspect: used book recyclers... every used copy purchased means a new copy unsold... For over 20 years now, I’ve heard all sorts of prophets saying that paper textbooks are dead, and predicting that all textbooks would be electronic within a few years. Year after year, I hear this prediction—and paper textbooks continue to sell just fine, thank you"

Man Claims ‘World’s Largest Penis’ Got Him Frisked At SFO

Park sparks anger with its miniskirt offer - "A PARK in southern China is offering half-price entry to women wearing skirts shorter than 38 centimeters - an offer that has infuriated local residents... female staff measured their skirts with rulers. Only miniskirts are eligible to qualify for the lower ticket price of 55 yuan (US$8.62). There's no discount for women in shorts or dresses... "The stipulation aims to encourage female visitors to showcase their beauty in summer"... The park also holds a water-splashing festival during the campaign where visitors can throw water over each other, including the miniskirted women. That attracted even more visitors. Others wondered if the park would be offering free entrance if the women wore much less, or nothing at all. "We have been hearing negative comments about the campaign since we launched it, but their numbers are decreasing every year," Li said. Zhuang Zhiming, a lawyer with Jiangsu Fazhize Law Firm, said: "I don't encourage this kind of activity, nor do I oppose it because it violates no laws or rules""

A Cat Pushing A Smaller Cat In A Shopping Cart

Countdown (Snuggie Version) [Comparison] - YouTube

危険!?画鋲ロシアンルーレット | Thumbtack Russian roulette - YouTube

Six million hurt while making calls on mobile phones - "Six million people were hurt crashing into lampposts, bollards and bins last year while texting and talking on their mobiles"

The Malaysian Life: Menstrual Blood Vegetable & Nasi Kang Kang Recipe - "Some women have reportedly improvised this recipe successfully by using claypot chicken rice. This method is useful for busy career women - just tar pau (take away) the claypot chicken rice from a shop and do the kang kang at home. Mix the damn thing up and serve it to the man. No need to keep a pet dog, just get a man. A man can be just as obedient after eating nasi kang kang. Caution: Nasi kang kang doesn't work on all men. If it doesn't work on him, then something bad will happen to you. Take note of this warning."
Comment: "The chant for do the kang kang thing is the such followings:
Alu-etta etta etta etta,
Alu-etta etta etta etta,
Alu-etta etta etta etta,
Le ale
I using chant with recipe above on my hubby and it working well so happy! he no more put his dick in other bitch mouth. Except me. :P pls all woman kang kang for you hubbys and he love you very long time"

Amazing Rescue In Israel - YouTube - "I was in Israel recently and witnessed an amazing rescue operations whereby the Israel airforce fly in to rescue a stranded Arab boy stuck in the middle of as island in a river after a sudden flashflood. I heard from my guide that to fly in the chopper for the rescue cost about US$25,000! What a generous act towards the Arab boy!"
I saw this video in New Creation Church (don't ask) and was told this was a Palestinian boy
Comment: "too bad they dont show this on the world news..... ISRAELIS HELPING ARABS!"

Men wanted for 36 Chinese millionaire single ladies - "Johnny Du, the CEO of online dating start-up (, kicked-off his quest last month and aims to find suitable husbands for some of the most eligible women in modern China. The women include real estate magnates and manufacturing tycoons from Sichuan province who have been unable to find Mr Right despite, or perhaps because of, their ballooning bank-balances... Even the government sees helping men find love as a priority. Last month the People’s Daily newspaper warned that “social harmony and stability” could be threatened if millions of rural men were unable to find partners. But China’s super-rich women are facing problems of their own, said Mr Du, not least finding time to scout for would-be husbands... “Wealthy men don’t necessarily want a wife as successful as them. They want a good wife and a good mother but they don’t necessarily want a successful women because [they think she] will spend lots of time on business [but] not on the family. “At the same time wealthy women have a high standard in choosing their husbands. Because they are very successful they also expect their husband to be at least as successful as they are”... Competition for a place at the table will be fierce. Applicants must have a “minimum standard” of education and be the same age or older than the love-starved millionaires"
Rich women look for even richer men

YouTube roadrage hit - "She says: "Excuse me, I'd like to know why you have been filming me. Give me that phone. It's illegal, give me that phone. "Who the f*** do you think you are filming me? I'm trying to get to my place of work, how dare you, you fat little lump... Smartly-dressed Mrs Duncan continues to question the man and even claims she will tell police he assaulted her. Her husband then shows up, giving the man ten seconds to remove the video from his phone... He then adds "why are you intimidating my wife?" seven times before the film ends"
If she had threatened to report him for outrage of modesty instead, it might've worked

Troubleshooting Your Girl: Read Her Mind! - "Stop staring at racks (and giving snide remarks) for once and concentrate on something else. If you see her wearing new nail polish, make a big fuss of it right away! Say something like “I like your new nails. Who did them? Can I have my nails done like those too? I want that cute french tip as well.” Or if she’s wearing new shoes, say something like “Oh dahlin, those new shoes are simply adorable! I’ve been looking for a pair like that for months! Where can I get those?” then borrow those new shoes from her, and strut around the mall wearing those six-inch stilettos. Also, wear her favorite black dress and meet her parents while screaming “I love my girl so much I’ll wear her favorite stuff!”"

Japan polite? | Lang-8 - "For about 2 years’ time, I’ve been having an argument with a Japanese exchange student that went to Denmark. His major is Danish and mine is Japanese. And the argument is about which country – Denmark or Japan – is the most polite country out of the two... I think in general the big difference between Denmark and Japan, is that in Japan it’s a society rule to help people, whereas in Denmark you help people because you want to. Some time ago I saw a person hurt on the sidewalk"

Why Marxism is on the rise again - "Karl Marx was recently chosen from a list of 10 contenders to appear on a new issue of MasterCard by customers of German bank Sparkasse in Chemnitz... In 2008, Reuters reports, a survey of east Germans found 52% believed the free-market economy was "unsuitable" and 43% said they wanted socialism back"

Obama refuses to apologise for Romney attacks - "An ad released by the Obama campaign on Saturday features Mr Romney's off-key singing of the patriotic anthem, America The Beautiful interspersed with clips of Bermuda and the Cayman Islands and scathing attacks about Bain and the candidate's hidden money. The Romney team has hit back by pointing out that Mr Obama was elected promising to change the tone of American politics and saying his negative strategy is purely designed to obscure his failure to help the US economy"

Sister Bloggers: Why So Many Lifestyle Bloggers Happen to Be Mormon - "Some California protesters held signs targeted at Mormons that said, “My two moms can beat up your 14 wives.” When exit polls showed that 70 percent of blacks had voted in favor of Prop 8, some Mormons, including Jordan, thought it was unfair that people weren’t protesting outside black churches. “It’s because that’s an intimidating crowd”... Mormons are by far the wealthiest religious group in the United States per capita"

Man jailed 4 months for sex with 14-year-old minor - "the victim's mother and her boyfriend confronted him about having had sex with the victim. The accused claimed that he was asked to furnish $1,000 for having 'violated'' the victim. He decided to call the police. Pleading for leniency, Mr Rajan Supramaniam said his client studied up to Primary 6, had a difficult childhood, and low IQ"
One can tell...

Third gender? No thanks, says Australian intersex organization - "OII advocates the right of all people to opt-out of the sex categorisation racket and all of the bigotry and prejudice that accompanies it. By not specifying sex on documentation we retain our right to silence on the issue and the opportunity to disembark from this particular adventure. If a category such as 'intersex' was allowed on what basis would one qualify? Would one need medical proof thus pathologizing the category and further legitimizing the current pathologies that support non-consensual surgeries on infants and treatments for adults that are not supported by evidence or longterm studies?... For those who want descriptors: have a fill-in box instead of tick boxes, where anything one desires to describe their ‘gender’ may be written. A person's freely-given indication would be sufficient to qualify them for the descriptor. Indeed in an equal society there is no reason for sex designators to be included in the vast preponderance of documentation"
Next up, abolishing age fields to prevent ageism!

Why Does Getting Hit in the Testicles Hurt So Much? - "Unlike most other parts of your body, though, your scrotum lacks protection in the form of bones, large muscle mass, and fat. The testes are just wee little glands, and they’re going to absorb the whole force of the blow all on their own. Another thing that makes a ball shot so painful is the same thing that makes almost every other sensation down there so much fun. Your groin has a ridiculously high number of sensory nerve endings"
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