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Monday, June 11, 2012

Links - 11th June 2012

"If a sufficient number of people who wanted to stop war really did gather together, they would first of all begin by making war upon those who disagreed with them. And it is still more certain that they would make war on people who also want to stop wars but in another way." - Gurdjieff


Musings From A Singaporean Cynic, Pre-U Sem Reflections- **** You, DPM Teo - "“Was told if I was going to comment on something, I should provide solutions instead of just talking. My reply:” then what am I paying u 4?”“... this is really ridiculous for DPM Teo to ask for solutions. And even if we gave one, his experience in parliament will allow him to rip it apart and replace it with the vanilla PAP policy. Fuck you. There is also an epidemic on dodging questions. Whenever a question which hit home was asked, he simply asked for the next question. To the point where he skipped 7-8 question in a row on freedom of speech and other topics the PAP is scared of. He also maneuvered as a politician would- when asked about freedom of press, he diverted into the problems of the US press and not mention about the state of Singapore... It was fun to watch his face when the most upvoted comment in the miniforum we used via smartphones which was projected on the board mentioned “I will fight for true democracy” and “I will fight for Hougang Teochew Porridge”... The mainstream media tried to spin it as a constructive dialogue. But we were there. We saw the patheticness of it all"

List of war apology statements issued by Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Japan has apologised for World War II at least 53 times since the end of the war

Cats away! Artist turns his dead pet into flying helicopter after it is killed by a car

My Grandfather Road markings identified as vandal, woman arrested - "Police arrested a 25-year-old woman who is believed to have painted "MY GRANDFATHER ROAD" on several roads in Singapore... Officers from Central Police Division, with the support from Police Intelligence Department, investigated the matter and arrested the woman suspect at her home in eastern Singapore on Sunday"
Low crime doesn't mean No crime! We cannot be complacent!!!; @femmefauxpas: "I think my friend was just arrested for being too fucking creative. omg. Why, Singapore, WHYYY. I thought you wanted to be cool & creative?"

Raising E and Yo... - "Once a name hits a critical mass among females, its use for the male population declines precipitously. And feminine names never become masculinized. Likewise, with respect to race... he shows an explosion of unique names among the black population... minorities, the poor, the less educated, and the recently immigrated are more likely to have unusual names... it wasn't the black names themselves that were causing negative outcomes for African-Americans, it was the fact that minorities with "blacker" names also tended to be among the most socioeconomically disadvantaged... Figlio looked at "boys named Sue" as the old Johnny Cash song goes—that is, boys with feminine names. He found that until sixth grade, boys with such names don't behave differently than their peers or do worse on tests. However, at sixth grade (right around the time puberty strikes), boys with feminine names tend to get into disciplinary trouble more often than boys with typically male names."

Mother-of-two, 36, receives police warning for Facebook joke about squirting Olympic flame with water pistol

Stewart Alsop's answer to Experiences: What are some fascinating experiences? - Quora - "Crossing a busy street in Hanoi, Vietnam was one of my favorite experiences... This is the only time in my life where I have felt the kind of blind faith that many devout religious people feel when contemplating their maker. After the first time crossing the street, it becomes an exhilarating game of frogger"
Ang mohs are quite deprived...

Is There Really a War on Women? - "Dueling charges of misogyny from the left and the right have become a depressingly regular media circus—one that, regardless of the real issues, is mostly about moral posturing and political point-scoring. Worse, both sides are feeding a toxic obsession with women-as-victims and promoting a sexism of special treatment rather than equality... not every crude and hateful slam at a woman is misogynist; sometimes, it's just crude and hateful. An anatomical epithet toward a woman is not automatically worse than the male equivalent. Calling a female politician a bitch is not automatically worse than calling a male politician a scumbag, an overwhelmingly male-directed slur"

Is Frank Rich the Only Non-Racist Left in America? - "he prosaically (and not-at-all-like those heavy-breathers on the right) compared recent health care protests to a famous Nazi pogrom that presaged the Holocaust. It's always helpful when demonizing your opponent to invoke Nazism—they are that bad—but Rich's real message was embedded in his headline: The rage is not about health care. And I suspect I won't spoil the ending if I reveal that health care protesters are collectively motivated by race hatred... Instead of a post-racial America, are we now stuck with the racial politics of the university, where we presume that everyone is motivated by hate until they conclusively prove otherwise?"
"Many liberals still presume whites' politics are racist rather than reasonable. Pretty soon, many whites stop listening to liberals. And in time, the overuse of the race card dulls the impact of the charge itself."

School grading policy's bafflegab - "school administrators adopted a “no-zeros” policy. Failure to complete assignments or exams was to be seen as a behavioural problem not a performance indicator, so missing projects and uncompleted exams were to be shown as “unable to assess” on report cards and final grades were to be based only on work handed in. Dorval refused to change his very reasonable and sensible marking policies to conform with the new wishy-washy, easily abused school rules despite being warned several times by administrators to obey or else. Superintendent Edgar Schmidt insists Dorval was suspended for “insubordination” – for disobeying the “lawful order” of his principal... The double outrage is that Shep’s no-zero policy was to be kept quiet. According to Dorval, he and his fellow teachers were not to speak about it openly for fear students might learn about it and start to abuse it"

Malaysians prize pay above job satisfaction, survey finds - "Three out of five employees in Malaysia prioritise a good salary above job satisfaction... In Singapore, the number stood at just slightly over half of all respondents (51 per cent), while in China, Malaysia’s biggest trading partner, it was 55 per cent and Japan, 52 per cent. Australia and New Zealand recorded 35 and 32 per cent respectively... 41 per cent of respondents would rather forgo their salaries than risk losing their jobs although half said they abided by a philosophy of “work to live” rather than “live to work”"

Vienna: The city that loves to grumble - "To be discontented is, of course, human - the motor, some would say, of progress. But in Vienna, many people seem to cultivate and even wallow in their dissatisfaction. They have a special word for it, "raunzen" - which roughly translates as to grumble, moan or whinge... Vienna is one of the best-run cities I know. It is, in comparison to many other European capitals, a safe place. Most of my female friends think nothing of walking home alone late at night... while much of Europe is in the grip of austerity measures, Vienna permanently lowered the price of an annual ticket on its clean and efficient public transport system, from 449 euros (£371) to 365 euros - basically a euro a day. Thousands of extra yearly passes have now been sold"

China: What happened to Mao's revolution? - "Assisting Mao was a 24-year-old local named Gu Bo, the grandson of landowners. His family was renowned for sending many scholars over the centuries to serve the emperor. But Gu Bo wanted change. "He thought the old system was unfair," says his grand-nephew, Gu Anjian, who lives in a village near Changning. "So once he joined the Communist revolution, he burned down his grandfather's house"... More than 90% of China's richest people are Party members... Gu Zisong, scoffs when I ask if the family is proud that their relative worked with Mao to try to make China more egalitarian. "Pride? What pride? If there were any glory in it, we wouldn't live here""

London 2012: Will the Olympics bring more prostitutes? - ""despite sensationalised media coverage" prior to the Games, there was "no evidence in this study to support concerns of an influx of sex workers or reports of trafficking of women or girls""

Fish egg 'miracle' needs cracking - "Biologists at the University of Manchester want help in cracking their "miracle" discovery of three fish inside a sealed egg"

Anime-style American comics style Disney female characters = bigger breasts, skimpier clothing

Chinese Real Estate Developers Successfully Clone Entire Austrian Village - "The Austrian village of Hallstat—a centuries-old village of 900 and a UNESCO heritage site that relies heavily on season tourism to survive—was recently cloned by Minmetals Land Inc., the real estate development arm of China Minmetals Corp., China's largest metals trader... Minmetals staff had been deployed to "Old" Hallstatt, where they took photos and gathered data, raising suspicions among villagers"

You Are Not His Girlfriend: How to Know When You've Been Bro'd - "A couple weeks ago I got shoulder-clapped by a hot dude I kind of wanted to see without his pants on. My heart sank immediately... when a gentleman you might have intentions on banging does this to you, when he strikes you with the flat of his hand in a friendly way, it is instantly made clear that you are never ever ever in your life going to get that man spread out naked on your My Little Pony bedsheets... Every woman, even the stinky gross ones with chin acne like myself, wants to be seen by dudes as a sensual creature of mystery... A broad friend zoning a guy will at least string a dude along for a little bit, letting him down easy, crushing his soul gently with each passing day of non-romantic air-conditioner installing and flat tire changing and makeup-free pizza gorging in your inside pants... If a dude regularly asks you to hang out with him and a bunch of his male friends, Bitch you just got bro'd. I know it's easy to think that maybe he's showing you off to his pals, but dudes who want to fuck you know that EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO FUCK YOU"

'Diet glasses' fool wearers into eating less - "Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed devices that use computer wizardry and augmented reality to fool the senses and make users feel more satisfied with smaller—or less appealing—treats"

Images of people jumping on beds are a net craze - "One bizarre pic on sees a topless girl in boxing gloves about to hit her flying cat"
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