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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who are the most neurotic and disagreeable people in the world?

"I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2000 of something." - Mitch Hedberg


I was inspired to do some research on reading the question: Are white girls more likely to be "crazy" and demanding than other types of girls?.

The following is adapted from my answer:

One way to measure of how "crazy" and "demanding" a person is to use the Big Five personality factors. The more Neurotic and Disagreeable someone is, the more "crazy" and "demanding" he would be.

It is well-established that across cultures, women are more neurotic than men and more agreeable, yet data on neuroticism by both race and gender is harder to find.

We can use nation of residence as a proxy for race/ethnic origin (pick your poison). Studies have shown that cultural influences persist in people who have emigrated, even after several generations. So an ethnic German in Brazil is going to be likely to have some German cultural characteristics, even if he were born there.

The motherlode for national differences in personality is the seminal 2007 paper, THE GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION OF BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Patterns and Profiles of Human Self-Description Across 56 Nations (Schmitt, Allik, McCrae, Benet-Martinez).

We can assume that racial differences are stable across genders (i.e. that if those of Chinese origin are more neurotic and agreeable than those of European origin, this applies to both the men and women, and this is supported by the paper: "whatever the BFI is measuring across cultures, it does so with regularity across the genders of each culture")

Figure 2: Agreeableness Levels (with 95% Confidence Interval [CI] Error Bars) Across the 10 World Regions of the International Sexuality Description Project
(Page 199; Page 27/40 of PDF)

By far, the most disagreeable people are from East Asia and the most agreeable from Africa (followed by North America).

Figure 4: Neuroticism Levels (with 95% Confidence Interval [CI] Error Bars) Across the 10 World Regions of the International Sexuality Description Project
(Page 201; Page 29/40 of PDF)

Meanwhile the most neurotic people are from East Asia and the least from Africa.

So I conclude that instead of white girls being the most "crazy" and "demanding", that (dubious) goes instead to East Asian girls. If you want a girl who's not "crazy" and "demanding", you should presumably date a Black girl.

Addendum: Queen of The Jungle: "because i am agreeable, i will let you have the final say
and because i am not neurotic, i take it that you are not referring to me as CRAZY AND DEMANDING. ;p"
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