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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Observations - 10th April 2012

"TV is chewing gum for the eyes." - Frank Lloyd Wright


"To all the students who drop out and failed high school: Remember 2 things, (1) You tried your best. (2) I don't like onions on my Big Mac"

After seeing a 'I ♥ KL' T-shirt, I'm now looking forward to the day I see one reading 'I ♥ Mogadishu'

Why is it alright to wish Justin Bieber were dead? Lucky he's not black.

"At the end of the day, no matter how many articles are written groups of people will be judged by the passive group acceptance of negative actions towards others. If two BNP members beat up a Muslim and 100 people who could have stopped it stood by and watched, the Guardian would quite happily write "WE are to blame when WE tolerate this""

If you throw a wet blanket on someone on fire, you're doing him a favour.

"I'm not an idealist. (I would love to be, but I work in an industry and I have a mortgage.)"

"I'm really tired of seeing people abuse words like "incredible" and "amazing". Like, "attending that event has given me unbelievable opportunities to meet incredible people and collaborate on amazing stuff."
This exaggerated, contrived enthusiasm about your lives has got to stop. Unless you're a ninja astronaut porn star spy. Then you have unlimited rights to those words."

"Did you know a massage can used to help reduce your chance of breast cancer too?". Scamming women about bust enhancement is one thing but...

"The Chinese often refer to IWD as San Ba (三八) (i.e the Chinese translation of the words “three” and “eight”), which refers to the date of the IWD, March 8. Incidentally, “san ba” has frequently been used to refer to a gossipy woman."

Best time to propose: during a tandem skydive. If she says no, don't pull the chute.

Heard at a wedding: "The union of a man and a woman coming together"

RT: @necropants: Why do white people have to pretend to be not white in order to prove to everyone that they're not racist? ~*~logic~*~

RT: @mrbrown: Me: Every schoolgirl here has pink bag. It reinforces
gender stereotypes. Let's get Joy a new bag.
Wife: She likes pink.
End of discussion

RT: @Dilmunite: Funny when people in #MENA say about gays: "disgusting, this is a Muslim country", but NOT when Syrians are butchered or women & boys raped.

RT @TheHouseOfWTF: America: where a girl can legally have group sex with 10 men in a porn movie before she can have 1 drink in a bar.

RT markleggett: If you're going to murder someone, do it while they're on their way home from filming a bukakke video. Enjoy all that DNA, forensic nerds!

RT: @SashaBrodowski: Les promesses c'est comme les bébés, facile à faire mais difficile à accoucher.

RT: @ifalas: Le Seigneur des Anneaux est en vérité une mise en garde contre le mariage : Une seule bague peut vous rapporter un paquet d’emmerdes.

@liangkaixin: 胸无大志 = chest no big mole
@thejeromechan: or 胸无,大志。people who are flat have to no choice but to have a proper ambition in life.

RT @TheFunnySexist Women hate being treated different than men, until there's a hostage situation and woman and children are let go first.

RT @humourdefemme Rappelez-vous, les filles heureuses sont les plus jolies

RT @chloetaijy The only time men multi task is when he's kissing you while undoing your bra.
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